Amazon Germany lists GTAV for Playstation 4 with cover with Xbox 360 hard drives!

just when i was about to give up on a PC/ next gen version

edit: looks like its fake... well.. looks like my plan to save some cash for a console continues
Even if they are planning a next gen version - the very last thing Rockstar want is for it to leak before they have sold the bulk of copies on current gen. With this in mind - do you think they would send out official box art to retialers - especially leaky european online retailers?
Of course it's fake, mockup, etc ... the real thing is that it IS listed as a PS4 game on a known retailers website. The 'art' is the least exciting thing about this. The fact that it's listed is the real news.

But I'm not getting my hopes up.
im almost positive only palystation 4 exclusive games come in a blue case. i think third party games come in a clear case. its something ive noticed when seeing different pictures of ps4 games online at different retailers.


I wanted to dominate the living room. Then I took an ESRAM in the knee.
Can any registered seller on Amazon add items like this? Seems like a fake. There is also a "1080p" logo on the top right which no other game shows.

As a side note, the description says:

Um bei einer so riesigen und detaillierten Welt das optimale Erlebnis bieten zu können, ist eine Installation auf Playstation 4 erforderlich.
"To provide the best experience in a massive and detailed world, an installation on Playstation 4 is compulsory."