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Amazon Is Exempt From Covid Safety Procedures

Rock And Roll

Sep 28, 2014
Despite hundreds of cases across multiple distribution centers in Toronto, Amazon are allowed to remain open for business.

Meanwhile if you are a small business in Ontario (not sure about the rest of the country/world) if an employee tests positive they will have to shut down for 2 weeks and won't be able to return until they test negative for the virus. Why is it that Amazon are exempt from these rules? Are they paying hush money or are they simply too powerful and they can tell the government to slag off?

More importantly how are our precious case numbers going to go down if these distribution centers stay open and become covid hotspots? Employees catch it from each other then they go home and give it to their families. I think Amazon should be forced to shut down for 2 weeks and then all their business can be redirected to smaller, local businesses.

I really hope this blows up because it is unacceptable for Amazon to remain open while other places are forced to shut down.


Plus Member
Nov 4, 2020
Well clearly Bc 99.9% of our retirement plans are invested in amazon so if they don’t make money our plans will be obliterated.

And Jeff bezos dick is bigger
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Feb 21, 2018
Because Amazon is essential. (to politicians pocket book).

but I am sure that giant mega rich corporations aren't influencing politicians decisions on public health at all. nope no way. Corpos are always loving and benovelent and only do whats good.


Patient MembeR
Apr 18, 2018
Believe science. believe the experts. shame on you for kil--

Ding dong.

Oh sorry, that was my Amazon delivery driver dropping off a box full of lego sets for my kids. Getting the pre-wrapped option is totally worth it.

Anway, shame on you for killing grandma! Imagine thinking that the government and megacorps are using COVID shut downs as an excuse to grind down the middle class and to rake in the cash?


Can’t stump the diablos
Jun 15, 2013
Every company should be treated the same just as every person should be treated the same.
Too bad $$$ is the discriminator in this instance.


Jan 8, 2014
They know that if Amazon had to follow the same rules as everyone else, they’d be as backed up as USPS maybe worse. Nobody would have gotten their gifts on time.

That would almost certainly be the death-knell of all the lockdowns.

Keeping Amazon running and the grocery stores gives everyone the illusion that they can live with these partial lockdowns. Not enough of the gen pop knows someone who owns a restaurant or theater or sports complex to give a shit if those go out of business.

But can’t get junior’s gifts on time or grandma can’t do curbside pick up? Yep that would be the end of just about all the COVID regulations short of wearing the mask.

Ironically, this hypocrisy shows us COVID regulations are horseshit. Unfortunately, the nature of it hides that hypocrisy.