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American History X- did you think Derek did enough for redemption?


Plus, if we ignore the darker impulses we would have to ignore some of the far left’s heroes like Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez, communism in general, and all the CHAZ/BLM riots and murders.

And they’re not having that.
Nah, they never did anything wrong. That’s all fine. The only “heroes” that did anything wrong are the ones that they don’t like.
I used to think the same, but there are some people who I think do not deserve any chance of redemption.

One that comes to mind, was the murder of Baby P in the UK about 12 years ago.

Baby P was one when he died, and he because the parents beat him to death by his mother and his mother's boyfriend.

How the fuck can you beat a baby to death? Some of the injuries that child suffered were just horrifying.

I wouldn't give those two fuckers any chance of redemption. I've never been a fan of the death penalty, but I wouldn't care if they were put to death for their crimes. I'd even like to see them have the same treatment they gave that baby and get beaten to death.

So, in my mind, it depends on what the person has done, but some people don't deserve any chance.

As someone with a background in sociology/social work/psychology... I truly believe certain people are past redemption.

Once you've harmed a child in such a manner (or sexually, etc...), raped someone, murdered someone (not out of defense or accident, but in cold blood)... I don't think there's a "coming back" from that. Just a need to be disposed of.
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