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Amy Hennig is working on a Star Wars title together with Skydance New Media


Remember how the uncharted series was really really good

I don't, no.
and I find it unfair to always smear her reputation by bringing up Uncharted all the time when talking about her!
SHE ALSO MADE GOOD GAMES FOLKS! like Souls Reaver, Blood Omen and Jak 3

she also was only a Writer on Uncharted, while she actually directed all the good games she was involved in, so TAKE THAT HATERS!
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Yes. As far as I remember, it was when EA got crazy with MP/GaaS/microtransactions, so I assume they killed it because this project didn't fit there.

Yet Star Wars Fallen Order was made under EA? So much MP and GAAS and MTX in that game too /s

So...this narrative is a sad one, no proof even exist that the game was ever scrapped for that reason and the fact that EA literally has a Star Wars single player only title made shows, that likely had nothing to do with it. I think the issues they had with that studio was enough to scrap the project and let the team go.

Dead Space remake is happening without them, we can let go of that MTX and GAAS narrative.
A Star Wars game exist WITHOUT those elements under EA, thus...we can once again let go of that narrative.

Thus, EA has nothing against single player games, nothing against Star Wars games, nothing against Dead Space, they had an issue with the team doing those titles..... thats as much as I can gather about this as the whole "MP/GaaS/MTX" theory seems to be a go to argument with little evidence. What they did after directly contradicts such a thing.


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bring it on Amy!
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