An actual Games on Demand sale next week! $4/$5 games! Finally Microsoft!


works for Gamestop (lol)

Edit 2: Update Bionic Commando with Alone in the Dark

Edit 3: Price Of Persia TFS is supposed to be $3.99 as noted above. You may see it as $4.99 right now, so please wait to purchase it as the price in the system is being corrected. Correction: is is staying at $4.99

lol Major Nelson, come on man.

o wait

[outdated pic]

you gotta be fucking kidding me MS, lol.
Tornado Outbreak is a sorta-Katamari ripoff totally worth $5. Plus most people probably don't have it already. I might actually buy again at that price.
Will probably grab Kameo, either played or don't care about the rest, not unless people actually play Bomberman Act Zero online, then I'd just pull out the gag gift I got.
Kameo, Prince of Persia, Table Tennis and possibly Bionic Commando and Dark Void for me.

I highly recommend Kameo to everyone, cracking game and it's an absolute steal at 5 bucks. (which is 400msp if I'm not mistaken)
Bomberman is alternate universe levels of terrible.

Conan was far better than I expected.

I heard Surf's Up is one of the best family/movie-tie-in games of all times. Is that true?
Bionic Commando, Conan, Dark Void, and Kameo are games I'd be willing to toss $5 at. Heh, Conan is $4. It was a pretty fun God of War clone!

Edit: And that's the cell shaded PoP! I'm definitely buying that for $4!
You can use MS points to buy GFWL games from the marketplace if you don't want any 360 games although the selection isn't great and as far as I can see, you can't preorder any games.
Given it's called the "75% Off Sale", they should be £3.75 in the UK. £3.75 for Sega Tennis? Holy crap.

Let's see if this holds true here, eh?
what the heck is tornado outbreak? I'll probably pick up GRAWWW!! again and maybe Dark Void, Kameo and Conan. Lots of decent Kids games on that list for parents.