An updated version of The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime was just released!


How does Pegasus Prime fit into The Journeyman Project series?

The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime is a remake of the first installment of the best-selling CD-ROM adventure series. Based on the compelling story of the original classic that started it all, the graphics and gameplay have been completely recrafted to take advantage of advancements in computer gaming technology. Fully-animated motion through eye-popping environments, upgraded robot adversaries, challenging new gameplay sequences, and expanded integration of live actors are just a few of the substantial improvements.

I heard these rumors that The Journeyman Project is being remade or re-released. When can I play Pegasus Prime on my PC?

Years of work to enhance The Journeyman Project resulted in the award-winning "Director's Cut" remake, called Pegasus Prime. However, some compromises were made and a number of features went missing in the rush to get it out in 1997. A small number of units of the CD-ROM version of Pegasus Prime were made available only for the Mac in the United States. Talented programmers have worked hard to port the unreleased DVD-ROM version of Pegasus Prime to modern systems, and even incorporate "lost" features from the impossible-to-find Playstation version. The Mac OS X version became available in December 2013, with Windows and Linux coming soon in February 2014. Visit the official Journeyman Project page on Facebook for updates.

When will this become available? Will there be a digital download version?

The limited anniversary DVD-ROM of Pegasus Prime supports Windows, Linux, and Mac. The digital download version measures at approximately 2.8GB, about the same size as the enhanced edition of The Journeyman Project 3, and is scheduled to be made available for Windows and Mac OS X through GOG's online distribution service in March 2014.

How is the game structured on disc?

Pegasus Prime does not store the game as sections of a linear story. The DVD-ROM version is self-contained and requires no disc swapping. The CD-ROM version has been optimized to minimize disc swapping and contains the time zone environments in the following manner:
◾Disc 1 - Caldoria, Norad Alpha, Pegasus Device, Installer
◾Disc 2 - Prehistoric, Temporal Security Agency & Pegasus Device
◾Disc 3 - Mars, Pegasus Device
◾Disc 4 - World Science Center, Norad Delta, Pegasus Device

I ordered the DVD version which is already shipping and I should receive it hopefully this week! The GOG version drops 4/10! Old school gamers rejoice! I highly recommend fans and new players alike play this gem of a remake!
I loved the hell out of the Journeyman Project Turbo. The space ship with the robot was some scary stuff.
You seriously need to play this remake. Plus it has restored all the content cut from the version released years ago. 4 years ago I bought an old ass MAC laptop to play the original Pegasus prime release and it was amazing!
I just got the package in the mail. See pictures below!

Case containing the game

Soundtrack (the disc cover art is amazing!

Can't wait to play this. The packaging is really great!