Androgynous women are goddamn sexy

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Anyone else agree?

I was watching Michael Clayton with someone, when I commented how hot Tilda Swinton is. They went "ewwwwwwwww"

Or Cate Blanchett. They are so gorgeous.


special shout-out to our very own Devo <3



LeBron loves his girlfriend. There is no other woman in the world he’d rather have. The problem is, Dwyane’s not a woman.
Scullibundo said:
Comparing Blanchett to Swinton is like comparing Marilyn Munroe to Bogie.
They're certainly an acquired taste for sure.

I like the woman in the second and second to last pic [would say the last one but cigarettes are a no-no to me.]
I approve.
Androgynous or.. sleek/military/post-modern/Idunnowhatit'sreallycalled females can look pretty hot.
They are so swank! Exuding confidence with it is hot stuff!

I also enjoy dashing females.
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