Android |OT8| ConFuchsia say beta is better


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since i don't have any proper way of taking a picture of this, here's a visual representation of what the burn in looks like with the light style navbar in pixel app drawer. it's supposed to be the same colour as the rest of the bg

So big android o changes in beta.

Pixel now boots up at the speed as any other android device.

Picture in picture for YouTube but only red. S8 can already do this for any youtube.

Auto fill passwords from your chrome save passwords in apps is nice.

I'll buy it for $50.
paying $10/mo for features my Galaxy Note had years ago is such a stock Android move.
Google Music is barely functional in it's current version on Android O
It seems to work normally for me. Though I only just tried to play a playlist locally and cast to my shield for a few seconds.

There did seem to be some lag displaying thumbnails though.

And as for AndroidPay, I still seem to get notifications about stores supporting AndroidPay though I haven't tried to do a transaction.


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My G6 is getting here today so might as well put the O beta on my 6P. Ready for all the instability!
only thing that's been noticeably unstable for me is opening the camera through power button double press in locked state. otherwise it's been p smooth


Ask me about the GAF Notebook


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OnePlus teaming up with DxOMark to develop the camera on the 1+5:

Not sure how I feel about this

Mr.Shrugglesツ;237235620 said:
Great News, dxo and oneplus are making the greatest camera
sums up neogaf in 3 consecutive posts