Angry Joe gets called out by IGNs review editor for misquoting their Titanfall review

So, I saw a rather interesting discussion on my timeline today.

I'm sure some of you remember IGNs Titanfall hands-on article, it's the one where they mentions things like:

Now, this was obviously not IGNs final conclusion of the game because a preview never is. Their review ended up giving the game 8.9/10 but I believe there was less "hyperbole" in that article. Not sure though. The same person wrote both articles though -> Ryan McCaffrey.

Anyway, Angry Joe made his Titanfall review video about a month ago. ( At around 8:25 he starts mentioning the fact that a lot of sites gave the game high scores and praise. At that point, he mentions "BELIEVE THE HYPE" in jest when a screenshot of the above preview is shown. After that, he calls out outlets giving it a 9/10 and a 10/10, and again a screenshot of IGN (in this case, the 8,9/10) is being shown as an example.

Nothing really happened, until today.

It's a pretty long twitter discussion between Angry Joe and Dan Stapleton, IGNs Review Editor. I didn't even link the entire thing because there are more single tweets. Dan seems to be calling out Joe because he used a quote from a preview and then showed the score from their review, two different articles. Also the fact he's talking about 9s and 10s when IGN only gave it a 8,9 and not a 9. The discussion seems tense from the start, but only gets worse and then things like this are said:

Now, my question to GAF is: is IGNs Review Editor making too big of a deal out of this? Is he overreacting? Or did Angry Joe really make a mistake when using these examples? There's more tweets to be found at their twitter pages, but it really is a lot.
Heh, just posted about this on the Titanfall review thread. This is the stupidest shit, right up there with Polygon and their ever-changing SimCity score.

I mean, seriously, "No, we didn't overhype Titanfall! A 9.0 is TOTALLY different from an 8.9!" From how vehement this guy is getting, I half expect to see him tweet something about "You'll be hearing from our lawyers."
They definitely calmed down for the actual review but they were acting shameless about the game from day one.

"I stopped played and I was just shaking, pure adrenaline"
"No game like this"
"Believe the hype"

IGN went absolutely crazy for this game and built it up to a level that it never actually achieved. I almost feel like it's scores suffered because of that.
I definitely see this as overreacting. Sure the quote was from a preview but it still lends itself to what joe was trying to explain. I really don't see it being that out of context since a 8.9 (aka a 9) still falls under that category. It would be different if he used that quote, and IGN gave the game a 5 or he used the quote and didn't later show their actual score.
Starting a fight on Twitter over a 0.1 difference, how embarrasing.

IGN, lol. You [among others] hyped Titanfall up to oblivion, don't be assholes about it when someone calls you out on that.
Linking the 'believe the hype' quote with a review where that quote didn't appear is bit disingenuous, yeah.

/edit: though it is a bit dumb to even use such words in professional coverage to begin with.
Joe's in the right imo, the other guy is arguing over a measly .1 which is inconsequential.

I did find myself reading all of Joe's tweets in his voice, though. Guy has a voice that sticks with you.
Handbags, etc.

I don't see the necessity for name calling and insults. The IGN guy takes it pretty well, considering he's up against not only Joe but some of his fans.


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I'm more on Dan's side in this. He is pointing out something factual. Joe is behaving unprofessionally.

From what I know of Dan Stapleton, he's seems to be a sensible guy. I've never seen anything Angry Joe has done which has been particularly insightful or interesting.
Normally I don't pile on ign but an 8.9 is basically a 9. Someone said they didn't want to appear too biased so instead of giving it a 9 they dropped it by .1. And really, what's the difference between a 8.9 and a 9?


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There's a couple of wrongs from both sides on this:

  • Quoting preview commentary that does not represent the game's final judgement is misrepresentative.
  • 8.9 is essentially almost a 9. It's a very high score. Trying to argue otherwise is highly pedantic.
  • Angry Joe's constant namecalling and colourful insults during the whole Twitter exchange paints a terrible picture of him. He's the one that needs to grow up.

Another casualty of people acting dumb on Twitter for the whole world to see. Merrhh.
Suprised to see IGN take action over Joe fearing for their reputation. I thought major outlets tend to look at youtbe people over their shoulders. If at all.
It seems to me this joe character made a mistake and misrepresented ign and is not willing to commit that.
This doesn't play well for someone how is criticizing other reviewers for inaccuracy on a regular basis.
8.9 not the same as 9 confirmed.

Numerical scores have completely destroyed the gaming industry from being as open and even more innovative than its current iteration.

THINK about that for a sec.
They're both awful. Angry Joe is one of the most annoying, self-important internet personalities there is. IGN is pretty much impossible to take seriously as a source of reviews.


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Whilst the argument seems slightly pointless (as neither person will back down, obviously), I do think Dan's point is completely correct. For the record I love Angry Joe's stuff, and felt his Titanfall review was very fair. However, talking about what reviews said and quoting an IGN preview is wrong, and something I didn't pick up on at the time. Previews and reviews are very different, and as such the comments in a preview shouldn't have any links to the final review. Also that uncalled for name calling makes me sad Joe :(
I'm really not a fan of Angry Joe, and I think Dan does make a point. The point one is what, in his eyes, stops the game from being amazing. He's saying that it is very close, but a little short of that.
IGN did hype the game up a little too much though.
Now, my question to GAF is: is IGNs Review Editor making too big of a deal out of this? Is he overreacting? Or did Angry Joe really make a mistake when using these examples?
EnojadoJose should of never used a quote that was never in the review and should have apologized but of course his ego prevents him from understanding someone's point of view, but a part of me feels like Dan shouldn't have complained about the .1 difference, but the a part of me does.

I'm on Dan's side though. Jose's action and attitude is childish which isn't surprising.
Honestly they both seem like idiots. And if I didn't care to watch anything of Joe's before this, I certainly won't now. Arguing over a .1 and refusing to admit you inserted the wrong review quote and that does change how you view IGN reviews, especially for someone who doesn't or has never read IGN watching that video.