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Animal bicycle race turns tragic in chinese circus

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Horror as bear on a bike EATS a monkey at the end of sick circus cycle race

A monkey was mauled by a bear after a disturbing circus stunt went wrong.

A video has emerged online of two monkeys and a black bear being forced to ride bicycles around a track in front of a large crowd.

After two laps of the track, one of the monkeys crash and the bear then attacks it as it lies stuck under the bicycle.

Video So bizarre, so very wrong.


I'm not going to watch it, but I hope Chinese officials have the sense to fine these guys or something if this race was not as safe for the animals as I imagine it to be


BioShock Infinite is like playing some homeless guy's vivid imagination
Wow, that was really crazy and tragic. I didn't even know "bear riding bikes" was a thing.

Next step: horses.





the attack seemed normal. the riding around the on the bikes part was depressing.

Yeah I mean I feel sorry for the poor monkey but what do you expect? It's a bear and to add insult to injury your making it do crap like ride a bike which I'm sure hurts the animals like crazy. Making them ride a bike and torturing it and all that is the saddest part. These animals should be free.


How is this tragic to begin with? This is no different than a lion jumping through a hoop or a dolphin flipping out of water.

Apart from concern that these animals most probably don't do these stunts out of pleasure, the tragedy lies in the likelihood that these animals have been treated terribly throughout the entirety of their circus lives. In dubious circuces the "training" consists of little more than (if not entirely of) harming these animals until they do what you want out of fear.


Bicycle riding bears have been around for centuries in circuses around the world...

Tragic for the monkey though.


BioShock Infinite is like playing some homeless guy's vivid imagination
I would be scared shitless if a Lion was riding me.

Really puts into perspective just how big lions (and tigers) are. Its head dwarfs the horse's, and its body is much stockier. Insanely impressive beast.
What I said it was very wrong... geez I was quoting the article. I don't condone any of this, its sick.

I'm not saying you condone it! We misunderstood eachother. I just made a bad joke. :(

Article is about monkeys and your nickname is monkey. Therefore it's even worse for you... No?


Hahaha holy shit. What did they expect?

Shit happens every millisecond in the wild, something eating the shit out of something else. It's only when we put them on bicycles in front of kids that it becomes tragic? Fuck that, it's an education on watching a bear eat a monkey.


The most bizarre thing about that video is the general non-reaction by the crowd. They just keep watching as if it's part of the show.
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