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Another Source 2 related leak?

update: so, some stuff went down in the other thread which I won't talk about, but the stuff in the OP has been confirmed

Was posted in the buttocks thread


not sure how legit this is, but here

iirc CS2 is actually how Valve refers to GO

edit: other stuff

someone posted a 2nd pic on valvetime


and the same person said the filelist is legit


Presentation PowerPoint is from 2011 by the way. Filelist is legit.



I'd believe it if HL3 wasn't in there.

Don't deny that Valve will have a new engine, just this particular leak.
An image of a file tree like that is incredibly easy to create. Was it posted by CBOAT?

I refuse to believe a company as decorative as Valve wouldn't have code names for projects.
I remember having to upgrade my pc so it could run dat beautiful source engine, I am very looking forward to source 2, it would look glorious (and hopefully run glorious as well)


It would be so easy to create a directory path and fill it with meaningful looking false files...

but that hype doe
Would be nice to make the current games upgradable to the new engine. CS:GO is finally gaining steam and I would hate to see a sequel divide the community again.

No DoD2 in sight...


I feel the pain but after how poorly DoD Source did even after the large update I can't see that franchise making a come back anytime soon. Not too mention it would be very hard to monetize a WW2 shooter.
Who is testinglol (the source of this screenshot)? The hl2 folder makes to good to be true. But anyway, is the tf folder a hint for a possible team fortress (2?) source2 remake?
HL3 reference = fake.

Our Half Life 3 hype finally killed our Half Life 3 hype.

Now, it's a good time to ship this game, Gabe. I'm not interested anymore. I'm not expecting any infinite good game anymore. I would buy it because this is the third part and I already own 1 and 2. So, update the steamstore and we are done for good.


I don't think I could handle a Hl3 or L4D3 release. They should never release these 2 games or I will end up in a psychiatric ward.
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