Antonio Banderas Reaction Gifs - The GAF Collection

This gif will probably stick around for a long time. It's so perfect for gaming, especially at the start of a new generation.

Where was the first use of the gif? Ps4 reveal event thread?
Since our fellow Xbox fans feel left out, I was wondering if anyone can do me a favor? I have this gif I snipped from that cheesy NFL Xbox One commercial, with that hyped ass asian dude. Does anyone think that can quickly overlay a Banderas gif over what would be the "big football game" on screen?

I just think the idea of people gathering around a tv to watch banderas is awesome.

Holy shit what an awesome thread. Thought I'd seen most of them before now, but man there were so many great ones I've missed. Truly an inspiration and GAF's greatest contribution to humanity.

PS4: Banderas Awaits