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Clickbait Anxiety sufferers relax jake Paul has it covered

Halo is Dead

May 20, 2018
We all have Anxiety in our lives, but in order for it to be a mental disorder it has to have a significant negative impact on your day to day life. Fun fact OCD is a anxiety disorder too. Anxiety is a big umbrella, if we are simply talking about normal anxiety like worrying about your grade on a test and getting a job, that stuff is totally normal. What is not normal is having a panic attack as soon as you get in a car.

I will leave this link here for people who are actually interested in learning more:

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Scotty W

Sep 29, 2019
What he said is a basic tenet of existentialism. I find it a bit alarming that existentialism can just be shouted down like that. Could one also do the same with Buddhism? "I suffer from OCD and Agoraphobia, and you want to say that my suffering is caused by desire? How DARE you!" What could not be shouted down this way?
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Jun 13, 2018
They might be cancer, but stupid people enabled them into existing and having success. So, I say those people are worse than them.


May 7, 2018
There are two kinds of anxiety:

1. The caused by objective life problems: no home, no money, lot of hunger, or to summarize, when you know you are totally unable to reach the minimum life quality of the society you live.

And 2. The caused by odd wires in your brain that provoques extreme reactions (fight or flight responses) to daily common and not life-threatening events other people have no problems with.
Thay always have a root cause, that can be solved with lots of work, but at the end of the day, is your brain creating a fight or flight responses from no important thing, and in that way, we could say the anxiety is created by you.

So, for you all who are suffering from anxiety, do an effort and start thinking that you can have some kind of control over it even if it needs lot of help from a therapyst. YOU. ABSOLUTELY. CAN.
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