Any fans of Arsène Lupin?

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(no. this is not a Lupin the 3rd thread)

So anyone here a fan of the character/series of novels by Maurice Leblanc? The novels were extremely popular when I was growing up in East Asia (HK/Taiwan/Japan) during the 90s, and I'm sure I don't need to list all of the anime/manga inspirations based on the character.

Sadly, the series is relatively unknown in the US, and you can't even find a translated copy without traveling to some university's antique books library.

I blame the Sherlock Holmes fans. Even though Lupin books are more adventure stories with detective elements.
I remember watching Night Hood as a kid.

I always thought Steel was badass. And I think there was a character called Herlock Sholmes.
Yes this!

And it was originally Holmes but Doyle didn't like that so Leblanc changed it to Sholmes.

The Canada-France cartoon reflected that too.

I also liked how Karst and all the American characters would mispronounce Lupin. Now that's detail.
I read a few when I was young. I know I at least read "Arsène Lupin, gentleman-cambrioleur" and "L'aiguille creuse".
I really like Detective/Mystery novel I shall get back into reading all of the series now. Thanks OP!

Also I would recommend you to read Gaston Leroux's "Le mystère de la chambre jaune" and the following sequels if you like it enough and if you haven't already read it of course. It's mostly solving a locked room murder if I remember correctly.
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