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Any fans of Succession here?


Neighbours from Hell
This show has gotten so much praise, and I just have been unable to get into it. I'm on episode 7 of season 1 and I think it's well acted and all, but I don't find it compelling. I don't care about any of the characters. I don't find it funny at all. I don't find it tense or thrilling. So many people have told me to stick with it though. Should I continue to power through or is this what the show is throughout all 3 seasons?

And I love dark comedies, but so far this hasn't felt like one at all to me. People have told me that the dark comedy nature of the show is what makes it so great, but I haven't gotten that sense from it yet. Maybe it hits that groove in future episodes.


It's excellent. It's also unremittingly bleak and dour. I wouldn't say it's a black comedy, more a character study with some humor found along the way. There is no-one to root for, they are all massive assholes, Gregg is the closest but he is just a weak willed asshole not actually a good guy. It's kinda Always Sunny but without the deliberate jokes and they are all super rich and powerful to the point of being completely alien to the viewer.
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