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Any update on a "The Shield" 4K release?

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I can't *believe* these lazy developers keep making file sizes so damn large. Btw, how does technology work?
Apr 25, 2011
Back in 2015, the creator said he was working on overseeing a 4K remaster of the FX classic. The original plan - and everything I can find while Googling - has him shooting for a March 2017 release to line up with the show's anniversary.

But since 2015, I can't seem to find anything. Not even a tweet.

Wondering if anyone has any links or info? The show was shot on film (instead of tape) and in widescreen, so a 4K remaster could be pretty damn amazing.

Easily my favorite show on TV, ever - but I'm eager to show it to my wife who has never even watched an episode.


Apr 18, 2009
Really? This too is one of my favorite shows and this is the first I've heard about a 4K remaster. Was the ENTIRE show shot on film? There are some shots in season 1 that look pretty rough, even on DVD.

Ninja Scooter

Jun 7, 2004
Just a couple days ago I started itching or a rewatch and started looking into my options. The seasons are like $17 a pop on iTunes. The series set is only $35 at Target but it's on fucking 29 DVDs. I can't fathom buying that many DVDs in 2017. I guess I might subscribe to Hulu and just bang them out that way, but a 4K release would be sweet.

blame space

Feb 9, 2006
i hate to be awake
is this on Amazon prime? i need something to fill up the time I'm not at work or sleeping. I've rewatched almost everything except this.

EDIT $35 for the dvd set? that might be the best deal I've ever heard

Sumio Mondo

May 27, 2015
Manchester, United Kingdom
This is my favourite TV show. Would definitely buy that, hopefully we get it in the UK in good time as well. I'd love to watch this show on a cinema screen (as a daily thing, two episodes a day), honestly, it's a fucking masterpiece, my rewatch of it recently ink stamped how perfect it is.

Those moments in the last three seasons were everything is going to shit all over, my god, never seen a better "dominoes falling" effect in anything ever. That moment when Tavon corners Shane about his lies is so underrated
and I think is actually the moment that wakes Shane up to what he's been doing since the start, from that moment onwards Shane changes. Then he changes again into a guy I actually feel sympathy for. Masterful writing.
The rewatch was so good seeing how differently I viewed things the second time through and where the fuck ups actually began
(and that it wasn't all just Shane's fault either).
Jun 18, 2010
Really? This too is one of my favorite shows and this is the first I've heard about a 4K remaster. Was the ENTIRE show shot on film? There are some shots in season 1 that look pretty rough, even on DVD.

It is meant to look rough. It's why Ryan had previously been against an HD release. It will certainly retain the grain, I'm sure.
Sep 26, 2008
Of course you mean the cinematic tour de force that was The Shield: The Game, which I worked on, getting it's glorious 4k UHD port, right?


Nov 8, 2009
Been waiting anxiously since it's announced i still have my original DVD sets as they released (before the sets went to Sony) and the complete series in the book format. It bums me out we never got the complete series in 4:3 i think the original set released only went 4:3 till 5 i believe and the complete series is only 16:9.

There is something more gritty, real and visceral about it being in 4:3 and it fits that "docu-drama" fill. I don't hate the 16:9 but it would be nice to have options. The Shield is IMO the best show ever created i watch it at least once a year.

it would be interesting to see a 4:3 show in 4k.
I would love to see it have a dual option where you can watch it in 16:9 or 4:3. The always shot it to where it could of aired in 16:9 but they always went with 4:3 which again i think makes the show better.
Sep 26, 2008
Tried playing this a few years back. Couldn't get past the first level where you sneak into the house. Holy fuck, do I have you to thank for that?

That wasn't me. There is a very specific path you have to use. That's not so great. I have some pretty crazy dev stories from that game though. Like, there is an interesting story behind the "porn" that is on the TVs in certain levels.


Feb 24, 2013
Brampton, ON
Yes, I would totally rewatch this in 4K. Please be true.
It's been true for a very long time. They wanted to give it HD make over but decided to go for full 4K treatment. It's coming. I am not sure if Sony Pictures as is will survive or be sold off by the time it releases, but this thing will come.
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