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Anybody thinking of switching from PC to console?

What will be your primary system going forward?

  • Sticking to console

    Votes: 91 31.3%
  • Switching from PC to console

    Votes: 28 9.6%
  • Switching from console to PC

    Votes: 32 11.0%
  • Sticking to PC

    Votes: 128 44.0%
  • Undecided

    Votes: 12 4.1%

  • Total voters


I'm a PC guy and have a pretty good machine (Ryzen 3600x + RTX 3070), but I'm considering buying a PS5 just to play the best exclusive


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I considered switching from PC to console this generation. I bought a XSX and thought I would be set. However, I also ended upgrading my graphic card (6800) and buying a 1440p monitor. I love the feeling of starting a new FPS game on the PC with everything running smoothly. The level of immersion cannot be beat. Also Steam, the cornucopia of indie games, is a serendipitous treat.


No, I currently play on a 240hz screen, playing all my games at minimum 120fps, I won't go back to consoles except from the few Switch exclusives and the very few PS5 exclusives. Have been a console gamer (and a bit pc) for the past 28 years but I feel great on PC, finally I've a good rig and I'll upgrade it every 4 years or so, so I'm fine.

Fare thee well

I mean I'm mostly pc, but if you make an okay living and gaming is a passion, why not both? You miss out on so much by just choosing one and you don't need a monster pc to play a majority of the games it offers.
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