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Anyone else fed up of shows with a continuous storyline the whole season?

Evil Calvin

Aug 23, 2017
This is why Doctor Who works. It's shown weekly (not released all at the same time), and they visit other planets, go throughout time to meet various 'historical' figures and each week is generally stand-alone. Usually there is a loose arc but for the most part each episode is stand-alone.


Jun 23, 2013
Yup, i think it's the laziest way to write something in chapters or episodes.
There should be purpose behind the show structure taking into account the restriction of the medium. Most shows tend to be just long movies spitted into weekly parts now because the cliffhangers are a good way to grab people, although personally i find it very unfulfilling.

Shows that structure themselves around the episode format while being able to also carry a season long narrative are a hard find now, last really good one i saw, that carried this concept almost perfectly was Mushoku Tensei, i kinda really dislike Isekais but that one it's a good fucking one, kinda like a masterclass in how it can be done good.
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Sep 24, 2014
I agree and have gone to streaming looney tunes specifically cause of it. Just don’t want to invest any more time in long drawn out storylines. I don’t even like investing 30 minutes into anymore because of it.

And +1 to dislike of the whole shitty constant cliffhangers on every episode. Just lazy storytelling

I’d say South Park does it right. Sure they have a few 3 or 4 part episodes, but for the most part each episode is a self contained storyline that concludes in some way. And simultaneously carries the growth of the community in the series in a linear fashion.
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