Anyone else like burning hot showers?

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When I have a fever I'll take a hot shower 3-4 times a day because it just feels so damn good. I would stay forever if it weren't for the skin damage and lightheaded was.
Is it possible to drink cold beer while having a hot shower?
Or eat ice cream?

I have a little shelf and could redirect the stream of water for a second.

What happens if your eating ice cream in the shower and get a brain freeze but go back under the hot water?
Always medium for me. Hot showers in the winter sometimes, but only because Michigan can feel like hell froze over (and it literally can too).
Wife has them. I once made the mistake of jumping straight in after her.
My wife takes crazy hot baths. Back when we first started living together, she asked me to bring her a glass of cold water. When I took the glass to her, I made a joke about how I "might just jump in there with her". She told me to go ahead, so I did.

I took my clothes off and dipped my toe right in there and promptly took it back out, put my clothes back on and told her to enjoy her bath.

Never again.
Love em. I have issues with atopic dermatitis and having a really hot shower is like having my entire body scratched at once. I know that it doesn't actually do me any good in the long run, but the feeling is borderline orgasmic.
I used to shower pretty hot (about 40C) but I turned it down to about 36C and it feels much better. I used to feel super tired after a shower, now I'm much more awake. I shower right after I wake up btw.
I used to. I'd even sit down in my shower. Nowadays I don't go that hot anymore. Basically if I get red spot it's an indicator that it was too hot.
Yeah, I love them. Not ultra-hot, but hot enough to feel a blast of steam escaping from the bathroom when I open the door afterwards.

Unfortunately, my dermatitis doesn't.
Some people need coffee in the morning, but I need a hot shower or I can't function. The apartment building I lived in before had the hot water go out one morning, I was fucking MISERABLE the whole day. I ended up getting up super early the next morning to go to the other building and take a shower in the fitness room.
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