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Anyone got experience with a suspended Amazon account?


Dec 6, 2013
Like 2 weeks ago I suddenly get an email from amazon saying they had "noticed suspicious activity" on my account and they had suspended it. They told me I should head over to their site to log in and be told what to do.
So I log in and they want me the confirm ownership of the last card I used to make a purchase by sending them my billing address and some credit card statement with my name on it.

After a few failed attempts sending the info from the last card I had used, I remember the last purchase I made was actually a PSN pre paid card I bought with some amazon gift card credit I got for my birthday. So I can only assume that put me on some "potential Nigerian prince scam" list or something. So I sent them a screenshot of the email I got notifying me of the gift card and explained the situation. The next day I got an email saying they'd review what I had sent them, but it has already been a week now with no news.

Is there anything I can do or should I just wait? I still had like $60 worth of credit in the account which I don't want to loose.
Is the only option to call them? (kinda annoying as I'd have to make an international call).

Winter John

Mar 9, 2014
I worked for Amazon's fraud dept. a few years back. There's no public number but if you call cs they can put you through, or they might arrange a callback