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Anyone here struggle to replay games you've already beaten?


Games are harder to replay the older you get and the less time you get to play.

When you're younger you have all the time in the world and patience to replay shit over and over again.

I must have started 100s of new games of Pokemon Blue, Ocarina of Time, FF7 etc when I was younger and didn't care.

Now there's no way I could do that with anything.


This is why replay value is very important to me.
I don't mind if a game is short. If it's fun to play it'll play it over and over.

If a game is too long, then I might not ever touch it ever again.


Full throttle and the Mass Effect trilogy have probably been the exception for me....those and Monkey Island 1-2
I like to moderate my replays. There are too many great games that it's hard to justify playing one over the other. But at least once a year i replay resident evil 4, Dragon quest 8 & 11, super mario 64, and a few others. I will say i have played and beaten Mike Tyson's Punch-out probably 1000 times. I can play that game every day and I don't think I'd get bored of it.


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I definitely have this issue. What's worse is that I'll start out trying to 100% a game and then the grind gets too boring and I end up just rushing to the end...never to go back and play again.

Actually that's not true. Some games I will go back and play, but like...years later. RAIDEN1 RAIDEN1 reminded me about Mass Effect. I did go back and play the trilogy once during a gaming drought about a year or 2 ago. I have the legendary edition but not gonna play it til I feel the urge again.
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I seldom replay games, only Rockstar and Naughty Dog have managed to get me to do another play through. Once I've completed a game there is little to no insensitive to jump back in except for dlc.
Nope I never 100 percent completed a game ,I miss collectables,I don’t do all the side quests,etc I beat the game I move on,later I go back and try a different difficulty and try to do all the side quests,or try to get all the collectables.


When i want to replay a game i mean i just replay it, i don't have much issues on those cases. Played some Old TR games recently it was a lot of great times.

Games i want to replay now are GOW, it sucks that PS4 and PS5 have no full BC.


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I love replaying games. Sometimes you have to realise that some games are not so good removed from your release hype. Like Skyrim. It’s trash but I loved it on release
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Depends on the game. Games that are too linear than yeah. Open ended titles, RPG’s or multiplayer-only games i can replay for days
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