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Deals Anyone knows of a subreddit where people sell their cards? (Want to sell my Eye of Judgment complete collection)


Jan 18, 2019
I want to sell my Eye of Judgment complete collection of cards to someone, but I can't find a place that for it, besides E-Bay. And for reasons I never understood, when I uploaded my collection of Eye of Judgment cards and offered them for sale, E-Bay locked my account a few hours later and told me they did so because of suspicious activity. When I asked them for clarification, they told me to call them by phone and speak to a representative. I tried to explain that I live in Greece and I don't have the luxury of being billed for international calls which could take an unspecified amount of time for something which was clearly a mistake on their end, but they wouldn't have it.

So any way, is there any place I can sell my Eye of Judgment cards besides E-Bay? Reliable legitimate webpage, nothing shady of any sort.

Thanks in advance.