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Anyone remember these TV shows?


Aug 9, 2013
I remember watching two tv shows some 20-30 years ago but I'm unable to find either of them from the internet.

Long shot but let's try if anyone here recognizes these shows.

The first - and I could bet it was a British show - had a undercover cop who was falling from the grace and turning into a criminal. I remember it having a name 100-1 but nothing comes up with that so maybe it was the show's name over here. I thought the lead was Clive Owen but I didn't see anything familiar in his imdb filmography.

The second show had a dentist who I think was investigating his wife's murder (maybe?) and he got tangled into a conspiracy. The show ended on a beach after the man had solved the murder. He was walking his dog by the shoreline when a sniper killed him.

I thought that one had Bryan Brown as a lead actor but again, didn't find anything familiar in his filmography.

This bothers me. Help me find these two shows so maybe they stop haunting me.