Anyone want to be a Pokemon for some reason?

I don't know shit about Pokemon so I would want to be that yellow rat-looking thing. I see that thing everywhere so it must have a ton of money coming in on royalties.
Is it really so weird to think random thoughts like this?

It's like anytime someone shares a bit of imagination down come the normality police.

People who shun the imagination like this must be dead inside.
Yes, sometimes I sit in meetings, I wish I turned into Charizard, everyone around the table would be frozen in horror as I snapped around and decapitated the person sitting next to me, angrily hissing while the head in my mouth starts turning into pulp from the heat of my fiery lungs, I would then half stumble, half fall out of the office, and into the hallway, barely able to make out the screams of people burning through my ancient prehistoric ear canals and the thundering scream of blood surging though them, as I make my way to the outside, to freedom.