Apple Betas 2017 |OT| Half Baked


Hey you!

Yeah you, do you enjoy new, barely functioning features coupled with crummy battery life and lag in your interfaces?

Then come one, come all and live the Beta Lyfe!

Apple just started rolling out the public betas for its upcoming software updates for this year. That includes iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, watchOS 4 and tvOS 11.

I thought it might be a good idea to break this out of the WWDC thread to keep it focused.
Looks like High Sierra Beta isn't out yet. Only beta I'm willing to try this go around, had a decent experience with the Sierra beta.
Do not install betas on your daily driver phone lol. I learned the hard way.

Use an iPad or secondary phone if you're a baller like that.
Put it on my primary phone and iPad since dev beta 1

My life was hell. Luckily beta 2 (the public beta) is a lot better. Still not great, but not hell. It’s more like heck now.
No thanks. Learned my lesson the last time. Very tempted with High Sierra though since I'm curious how much faster the new file system is on my aging MacBook Air.
Apple Watch betas are the most "dangerous" betas because you have to physically send the Watch to Apple to downgrade the Watch back to the release version of watchOS. As tempting as the Siri Watchface might be, I recommend never to touch the watchOS betas unless you're one of those comically rich folk who switch between multiple Apple Watches.
Will try hell with my iPad Air 2, backing it up on iTunes beforehand in case something goes wild. I really want to try those new multitasking features, can't help it!
Don’t put it on your primary device is all I can contribute. My brothers 6S is wonky af (especially the constant black screen I’m the camera app would drive me crazy) and my iPad 2017 got stuck in a boot loop once and had to be factory reset.
That being said I was back on the beta train shortly after that because the new iPad features are so, so good lol. Definitely too buggy for a daily driver device though.
I've done an iOS beta in the past. Things of course will be buggy, and sometimes the main features you want to try out won't work because it's not implemented yet (Apple Pay Cash) or won't work because other people you communicate with don't have the beta as well (Message effects in Messages in iOS 10). So as always, proceed with caution.
Word of caution: on my iPad mini 4, putting the latest dev beta from today (which should be the same as the public beta) on my iPad caused it to no longer recognize official Apple wall chargers. It shows an unsupported accessory message. Not a hardware issue - it charges fine when connected to my MacBook Pro.
I have beta 2 on my new iPad Pro (12.9 inch) and I assume that’s the same as the public beta. I haven’t had any major issues with it, just some minor hiccups. I wouldn’t try it on my iPhone though, too much of a risk. But for this secondary device, it works fine on my iPad.


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Initial impressions of iOS 11 on one of my iPhone 7's seem stable enough. Noted two bugs so far;

- Content Blockers in Safari don't work
- Landscape apps can glitch out your wallpaper upon exit and put it into landscape mode.
- Smart Inverted Colors don't work that great with current apps. It also gives the overall UI a strange blue tint (edit: actually this is Night mode being inverted.. hah).
I've done MacBook betas before and they haven't been bad at all but the frequent updates are a pain (but to be expected)

Don't think I would bother to do it again for this release.


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Sweet, wasn't expecting this today.

I'll be definitely installing on my iPad Air 2. I'll leave my 6S as is though. Most definitely not installing the beta for High Seirra either.
I like the new keyboard it’s quite nice. I like the new control centre too, but they’ve made it a little more awkward to control my lights with it. I now need to long press the HomeKit button in it, then long press my lights to control them. Hopefully that gets smoothed out.


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Ok people are not being entirely clear. I'd personally say the betas are fine once you are maybe on update 4 or later so just keep reading the progress and see how people says it's improving.
The App Switcher is probably the one majorly buggy thing. Apps don't always close at all. You can swipe it up, then exit out and the app is back, swipe it away again and it's still there. It needs work.
There's not a ton of incentive for non-developers to install this beta on an iPhone (no huge marquee features that'll actually work yet, since so much relies on iOS 11-compatible apps being published or other users also using iOS 11), but there's all the incentive in the world to install this on an iPad.