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Apple Event: Games on demand reveal (coming out in fall 2019, no further details announced)

Are you hyped for Apples Entry into the gaming Industry!?

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Apple is soon going to start its special "It's show time" event shortly, and there's many surprises in store for consumers and investors. However, one of particular interest to me and to Gaf likely in general, is Apples "games on demand" service that is expected to be revealed at this show. Even is hinted to be one of the longer segments of the show.

Below are some of the rumors that have been making rounds throughout the internet. During the stream rumors that are found to be true will be highlighted with green text, and those that are false will be striked with red.


1. Apples gaming service will be the cheapest gaming sub service so far.

2. Apple will have exclusives supporting the service from Console (not mobile) developers. Although they will of course have mobile developers there as well.

3. The Service will have 3 tiers.

4. The service will offer bundle packs containing multiple games. The revenue will be split among all the developers of the games in the packs.

5. Games will be movable and accessed through both Ipad and Iphone. OR Ipad, Iphone, and Mac. Apple Tv will be included automatically.

6. Service will only be for paid titles (makes sense), including the free titles that have in-app purchases.

7. For individual games that are not in packs, developers/publishers will be paid based on playtime if their game is played through the service.

8. Service will be bundled with Apple TV subscriptions.

The show will be focusing on Apple making big changes to its strategy after declining phone sales and several other areas like Apple TV, Apple Watches, and others not breaking through as expected.

It is suggested this service has been in development for awhile, and considering how many times in the last few years Apple has stated they will be taking gaming more seriously this isn't too far fetched.







(More Youtube Links will be up closer to show start)
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Summary and highlight will be below in this post.

Summary of the event will be below as the conference starts and ends.

SUMMARY/ Conference Highlights

1. News Censorship

2. News+ Magazine sub $9.99 a month, also coming to Canada, Australia and Europe.

3. Credit Card that does what 90% of credit cards already do.

4. Games on Demand service called "Apple Arcade"

5. Apple Arcade is "Xbox Game Pass" for mobile IOS. One fee for all access.

6. No pricing or sub info for "Apple Arcade" Comes out in the fall. Some games shown.

7. Apple Tv Channels feature let's you pay for the channels you want only, included in new Apple Tv App. Launches in May. Will be on Smart TVs and streaming sticks. Coming to 100 countries.

8. Apple TV+ will have Stories (original content).

9. Rest of show is a bunch of actors padding out time till the end of the show talking about absolutely nothing.
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Price and content are key. Without either, the service is worthless to me. Personally, I would be very interested in a mobile gaming subscription for me and my family. I am so sick the freemium games. I prefer ad-free gaming on any platform.

But seriously, ten minutes guys, let's see what this is all about. OF course they'll probably get the movie stuff out the way first but hopefully it won't take too long to get to the gaming part.


Now taking bets on whether or not Voost Kain will pivot from Stadia thread spam into Apple iGamesOnDemand thread spam over the course of the next week.

Favourable odds all round, roll up, roll up!
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overall im not thrilled about this, but i mean it was only a matter of time. this market is SOOOOO saturated were gonna see some mergers/meltdowns in the coming years i'm sure.

the only reason I'm kinda happy to see this is for competitions sake.

in the long run this is going to put pressure on nintendo and sony thats for sure. I imagine exclusivity deals happening... nintendo online on apple tv, ps now on stadia, maybe microsoft or steam with amazon, etc.

its just crazy, you cant just get away focusing on one market/product. in time the big fish corps are gonna take aim at your industry and swallow it up. so you better get ready.
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Now taking bets on whether or not Voost Kain will pivot from Stadia thread spam into Apple iGamesOnDemand thread spam over the course of the next week.

Favourable odds all round, roll up, roll up!

Sadly you can't work for Google and Apple at the same time, so he'll have to choose. ;)
Also Apple suspected to reveal a credit card, which will be compatible with your on demand purchases.

Which makes sense since they give credit on their website virtually.


posts news as their odd job
This is kinda lame imo. We already have digital magazines that update constantly....it's called websites...
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