April Fools 2014 Fake Stuff Thread


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So, the right side of MarioWiki's front page for April 1st... well, the news are blatantly fake news whereas the "Did You Know?" column, in the style of Wikipedia's yearly featured articles for April 1st, tells seemingly absurd but absolutely true trivia. Just to preserve a screencap:

And just to preserve the factoids' contexts after the day has passed:


Blizzard announces the name of the new StarCraft 2 expansion, "Herald of the Stars".

Herald of the Stars will feature a revolutionary non-linear campaign. It can be played backwards, forwards, with any mission in any order, or not played at all, while still delivering the exact same life-affirming storyline.
Will Artanis save all of the multiverses from utter annihilation? It’s up to you and all of the other Twitch viewers who are in chat at the time!

If you don't get the joke, Herald of the Stars, abbreviation HotS, as in the same as Hearth of the Swarm, and Heroes of the Storm.


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Playstation Finland in their FB pages.

In English:

Sony Playstation Finland
May us present: PS Vita XS

- Works with every PS Vita game
- PS4 Remote Play with 4G and 3G connections
- 160 Grams
- 10h battery life
- SD Memory card
- Playstation Now compatibility
- 99 euros

Dirt wet proof.
If only it was true.

They’ve felt the cold steel of your blade so often, the pain it brings has become a comfort to them. They’ve watched their masterful schemes brought to ruin time and time again, and yet “surrender” remains the one line they refuse to cross. The luck they’ve had would make any good man bad, but still they keep going, unwavering, undeterred.

They’re not your traditional heroes. They are survivors. They are fighters. They are Outcasts!

And now, finally, it’s their time to shine. We are proud to announce our latest project, Blizzard Outcasts: Vengeance of the Vanquished, a fighting game for a new generation.

Assume the mantle of our game universes’ most infamous antiheroes, bring the pain to your enemies with insanely powerful special moves, and show the world which Outcast reigns supreme!

Visit the official announcement website now!

I don't like the overly silly and not believable ones really.

On my own site, I used to do one almost every year.
The first year it was ports of Legend of Zelda 1 & 2 on the Game Boy. That same year was "Pokemon Yellow delayed in the USA to add GBC features."
Then another year was a backlit GBC.
The next year was Lunar Silver Star Story coming to GBA.
Then Final Fantasy IV, VI, and Chrono Trigger coming to GBA.
Then full children's movies on GBA.
Then a sequel to Earthbound being made and never localized on purpose.

Then I stopped doing them. It got really weird.

The problem with April Fools jokes is that you either go out to be silly, amazing, or over the top.. or you can go close and be hurtful.

I was trying to go close and be hurtful.. but stuff that was a joke in the previous year ended up becoming truth. So, I just gave up on it.

I do love Think Geek's stuff though. Every year, I like to see the products they make. Because some of those genuinely hurt when they aren't made. I still want Creeper Peeps. :-(

If I were Nintendo, I would put up three fake entries in the 3DS eShop for Super Metroid, Earthbound, and Pilotwings. When you clicked them, you would be greeted to a picture Kamek sticking his tongue out. On the Wii U eShop, I would put up fake entries for Pilotwings 64, Super Mario 64, and Wave Race 64. Same deal.

But.. I'm just mean spirited about these things. That's why I choose not to participate in making these types of jokes. :-( I have made people cry with real life pranks on this day. So, I don't participate.
I can't read Japanese. Can someone explain this to me?
Super Sonico is the mascot for Nitroplus, who develops a bunch of visual novels (Steins;Gate, Saya no Uta).

Pochaco is essentially a supposed rival of Sonico who appeared in the anime, and is now having a game starring herself (which will probably never come out).

So that's the joke, mostly.
Well, Twitter is telling me to follow Tim Dog. I assumed they were trolling me, but I checked out his profile anyway, just for some quick laughs. He says he purchased a PS4 and that he likes it. "Money well spent", he says.

I don't know what to believe anymore.