April Xbox Live Games With Gold



Xbox One
Ryse Son of Rome
The Walking Dead Season 2
Xbox 360:
Assassins Creed Revelations

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Never played Revelations, how does it rank in AC games?

I liked it better than Brotherhood, mostly because the setting was fresh. I am in minority though. Worth checking out, because it is quite possible that the relatively harsh reception of Brotherhood was more because of series fatigue than the quality of the game.
I knew Ryse would happen someday. Bought in on sale for $10 (the complete edition) and it was decent. Not too mad about that one since I knew it was happening.

Never finished Season Two proper so will play that. Darksiders is nice but with remasters now it makes it less tempting to try. AC Revelations would be pretty meh too but it will reignite some of the most fun multiplayer on XBL so I'm down (same applies to Brotherhood and I believe all the AC games up to 4)
Actually looking forward to playing through Ryse again. Would have already if i owned it digitally (borrowed it from my brother who bought it physically).

Will Sony counter with Knack? :)

Have we already had Walking Dead Season One at some point?

Yup. Glad i never bought the rest, now ill be encouraged to finish the first season :p

Not Drake

Strong month. I thought Ryse was a solid game. Darksiders is fantastic too.

Too bad I played all of those games. My Gold expired last week so I think I'll wait for May games to consider subbing again.


I just played thru Knack the past few nights. pray they don't. it's bad.

I quite enjoyed it for what it was. Don't think it should ever have been full price but I paid £5 for it in a sale and completed it. It had some nice mechanics and ideas.


Two 360 games that have better versions on XB1/PS4... what a waste.

Stuff ends up in GwG/PS+ for a lot of reasons and the availability of better versions you can upgrade to or lots of DLC they can sell you are some of those. It's helpful for the publisher to justify inclusion. So whilst it would be nice to have the X1 versions, they are part of the reason the titles are included in the first place.
I bought Ryse only finished the first chapter.

This means I can play it without the disk. Though with how short it is this isn't that great a bonus.


I just played thru Knack the past few nights. pray they don't. it's bad.

I liked it a helluva lot more than Ryse.

Honestly, it's like they picked a checklist of things I dislike:

  • GFX showcase with no substance like Ryse or The Order
  • Telltales jank ass, save deleting engine
  • A last gen game with a remaster and not giving the better version (Even more annoying since they did give the PC one for free)
  • Assasins Creed that isn't Brotherhood or Black Flag


Always the same shit for me, when my subscrition ends and i dont think of renewing it, they put a game i want to play, with ps plus it was resident evil!


Yes Ryse !
Also AC Revelations ! I was waiting for it to become BC to finish it on XB1. :) (or to add it on my AC-backlog anyway).
I don't own Darksiders but I believe it's a solid game.
Interesting on ryse, thought hell would freeze over before ms did that that.

Glad more people get to play it, I loved it personally even if it's got flaws

Maximus P

Ryse is a good game which I believe received alot of undue criticism becuase it was caught in the Xbox one launch.

It's not perfect by any means but it's an enjoyable experience.

I got half way through the first part of walking dead and my save file corrupted and I could never be bothered to play through it again, so I'll pass on the next one.

May give revelations a go.
Wait, if they are giving Ryse then it must mean Ms and crytek finally managed to strike a deal and Ryse 2 is totally happening, right?


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Own all of these other than Revelations but no real interest in playing that with my current backlog.

That said, great month for those which don't own these!
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