Ara: History Untold | A 4X turn-based grand strategy game by Oxide Games(ex-Firaxis Games devs) and published by Microsoft


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So I have not used this forum as regularly as I used to. And I just noticed this game announced in E3 2022. And apart from some mentions in places like the Geforce leak thread
‘Indus’ is Ara: History Untold

This game did not get a thread or even was properly discussed anywhere in this forum.

Unlike games like Medium or Scorn which had timed exclusivity deals, this one is directly published by Microsoft(more like Ori and Flight Simulator). The studio Oxide Games was founded in 2013, and they have not made anything since 2016, so this game possibly already has been in development for 6 years. They even made their own engine for this game(unlike Humankind which used Unity).
Q. What is the Nitrous engine?

A. Nitrous is a next-generation game engine designed to handle enormous amounts of visual and gameplay complexity, from 10,000+ simpler units to 1,000 highly complex units and environments.

Q. Why did you set out to make a 3D engine?

A. Because we wanted an engine that would allow us to break new ground and support epic battles and scenes on a wide variety of platforms. No engine on the market today can simulate and depict the scope of action that Nitrous is designed from the ground up to do. We want to create something that opens new doors to game developers, particularly in the strategy and RTS genres.

It is supposed to have a technical alpha soon for those who signed up for the insider program.
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