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Arc Raiders Reveal Trailer

A shooter has got to be more than shooting?

Without a doubt.

"ARC Raiders® is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter where you and your squad of Raiders unite to resist the onslaught of ARC – a ruthless mechanized threat descending from space.

Scavenge the ruins of the past. Wield tools and gadgets to outsmart the enemy. Come prepared and plan ahead, but sometimes you just have to wing it."

Key words: Cooperate, Scavenge, Tools, Gadgets, Outsmart, Prepare, Plan ahead
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Im not insulting you.
Sorry if it came out that way.
Light banter between gaffers....but again I apologize if it came off that way.

Im literally like you want to play a male character with a dick(penis).
Because the droid didnt count as even if hes is "male" as a droid he lacks a penis right?
As such i assume the main selling point of "male" characters is that they are biologically male?

The artwork is in their press kit.
But that specific one I got from gematsu, them Xbox Wire and Gamersyde usually post everything thats in press kits at reasonable resolutions and quality.

Ive been trying to avoid Resetera because everything seemingly offends there.
Id rather deal with console warriors who I can actually shoot down with facts than people who will be offended a girl showed off her thighs.
90+% of FPS players are male. It would seem odd if there wasn't a run of the mill male character even as an option.


My tears. Exclusive to gamepass. Forever.
So this has only female characters?
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Swear theirs a tech demo that came out a couple? Years ago. Environment looks very similar along with the projectiles and the way they look.

I was trying to think if this was something we had seen teased before too. Nexon has a TON of these "Project Blahblah" games in the works...

PROJECT D (maybe what you're thinking? it's like a fast-paced Division/MGO online shooter by Nexon GT)

PROJECT HP (kind of a fantasy/magic For Honor?)

PROJECT ER (different knight&bowcaster fantasy MMO)

PROJECT MAGNUM (side-scrolling'ish brawler RPG)

PROJECT OVERKILL (co-op celshaded MMO, supposed to be like Dungeon&Fighter in 3D)

PROJECT BBQ (traditional'ish PSO multiplayer RPG in a fantasy world)

PROJECT MOD (MapleStory Maker, basically)

PROJECT DX (cellphone RPG set in the world of Durango Wild Lands?)

PROJECT SF2 (cartoony RPG for mobile)

PROJECT P2 (?, for PC and consoles, described as team-based, fast-action, stylish character action, maybe Arc?)

PROJECT P3 (? Multiplayer fantasy MMO with "dark and dangerous" dungeons)


...Specifically regarding "Project Embark", I'm not sure if we ever saw much of Arc Raiders? Nexon did announce the acquisition of Embark with the teaser image below, and you could catch maybe some sneakpeaks of art/landscapes snuck into their phptogrammetry tour (that's mostly drone footage, not real engine tests, but you can see some of the biomes that they did make in their Vimeo archive.) Don't recall anything beyond that, but as is clear here, keeping up with Nexon's Project Projects is a real project.

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I;ll never understand people who are tortured by the thought of playing as female characters, what a weird hang up
Yup. Like for 3rd person games, I'd rather stare at a girl's ass for hours as I play than some guy's.

Pretty cringing IMO to be so obsessed with men. Especially considering most of these people bitching about women are straight men (or at least claim to be.) All they want is more men men men.
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