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Are Sega ashamed of their Saturn legacy?


The Mega Drive mini had arcade ports (Street Fighter) and a licensed game (Micky Mouse in Castle of Illusion), so I don't see why not for Saturn mini.


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Make it happen SEGA



There are some good exclusives. But not Sonic R. That game was awful.
Eh, that game gets too much hate. Then again most of those issues are fixed on the Gamecube and PC remasters. Even then I find the tank controls tolerable, it's still a racing game, just that people try to play it like a 3D platformer.

Honestly I wish that game got a spiritual succesor, with controls closer to a regular 3D platformer. Kinda like Sonic Rivals but in 3D. Especially considering the amount of side-characters with different abilities the series had gathered since.
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Sega Saturn is an all-time great videogames console and, in my view, Sega’s best system. It’s their Velvet Underground, it’s their Pinkerton. There are so many great titles to enjoy that we could spend all day going through the software library and still won’t discover it all.

I don’t care who hated or dismissed the system back in the day. I guarantee that if I have an evening, any critic will become a convert by the end.

As always, I highly recommend visiting NeoGAF’s Sega Saturn Community forum, where we share our love of all things Saturn and especially showcase its brilliant library:

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