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are there any decent small/portable bluetooth controllers for mobile gaming?

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I started playing Castlevania SOTN on xbox yesterday and now I'm completely hooked. it's $3 on the IOS App Store (I guess its the PSP version which some people say is pretty good)

it has mobile controls but I would prefer to use a bluetooth controller.

I want something I can put in my shirt pocket or pants pocket and pull out whenever I have some downtime or while at work.

thanks in advance!
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Jul 2, 2013


Apr 20, 2019
Bluetooth controllers would forever have this pretty noticeable lag for any kinds of input, tapping on the on screen button is like x2 faster. It is unplayable basically for fast paced games and if we're entertaining slow turn based rpg games here, might as well use the screen to navigate.

Just don't buy them bluetooth and opt for wired ones.


Jun 6, 2014
With the exception of high end blue tooth controllers (like the Razer Junglecat) you are going to have some lag. The “MFI” iOS controllers are an exception in my experience with very low to no lag when used with apple devices. SteelSeries has an entire line of MFI (made for iOS)controllers and some you could get on the cheap by checking eBay or Amazon.

If you have the cash, follow jshackles jshackles advice and grab the razer Kishi. I have one for Android and iOS and they rock.

There is a new controller that just came out in December called the “backbone” I am not a huge fan to be honest, it’s a little tiny for my hand.

Re: razer kishi, these are made by game vice who has licensed their design to razer for use in their controllers. If you do not have the $70-$100 for the kishi you can find a game vice controller on eBay for sub $50.
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