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Are you a save scumming virgin?

Do you tend to do save scumming in games? (BE REAL)

  • Yes, I save scum a lot

    Votes: 91 83.5%
  • No, I face the consequences

    Votes: 18 16.5%

  • Total voters


A lot of games would be improved with quicksaves. It reduces a lot of the redundancy of games.

It's a pretty big revelation if you go from mainly playing on consoles to playing on PC, just how sweet it is to be able to press F5.


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Depends what the game is. Old CRPGs like Fallout are basically designed around savescumming, only back then it wasn't scummy.


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Only in Hitman because it just saves the time and monotony of doing the same things over and over.

In Xcom and Fire Emblem I live with my mistakes.


I finally beat Castlevania last year after decades of failure. Yes, I save scummed. No, I don't feel bad about it.
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Depends on the game and how unforgiving it is but yes for the most part. Thankfully most games are good about auto-saving these days so it's a thing of the past but for the manual saving games, I'm hitting the save button every few minutes.

One of my biggest pet peeves in gaming (especially if it's modern gaming) is dying and having to repeat a large section again. It's even worse when it's a cut scene or exciting moment and you have to do it again. That completely takes you out of the moment and is just made story telling and pacing.


It's not the fault of the player that some games are made with unlimited savescum as a main feature.

It's a game dev problem. When games are designed with it I just fuck off to play something else.


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Absolutely, I'm the queen of save scumming. It's nice to see I'm not the only one.


I'm a virgin trophy hunter

even if it's just trophies that require you to spend currency, I'll save scum so I can uninstall the game a little quicker
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I love to iron-man games even when there is no iron-man mode if the game is not a game that assumes death as part of the design. It adds such a thrill when you treat death as it is in real life. Yes - my teen-age son thinks I am crazy.
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If I have the option, yeah.

Bites me in the ass sometimes too. I remember I did it a lot Fallout, panic saving. Some very hairy situations if I hadn't made multiple saves.


I assure you I am most definitely not a virgin, good sir, but I certainly practice the elegant art of loading convenient save files, promptly after screwing up.


All these years later I still chuckle at what a fucking moron that guy is.
How much or how little one saves is a stupid topic of discussion. And the fact that insecure dopes have invented a name for people who save more than they do says more about the people calling other people names than the people being called names.

Play games in a way that is fun for you. Games are for fun. If other people playing games differently than you do causes you even the tiniest bit of upset, you need to do some serious introspection and figure out why. You shouldn't care at all.
Saving before a fight isn’t save scumming ffs. That’s called saving! Seriously, what? Saving is a feature for a reason ; time is limited. I can’t believe this needs distinguishing.

Save scumming is when you save in witcher / mass effect and make a bad choice or you didn’t like it so you go back to previous save. Or you save before grinding for random items or something in an rpg… I can say that i don’t do these things.
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I absolutely hate replaying sections of a game more then once. And the more I have to replay a section of any game due to dying, the more I get wound up and start hating on the game.

That’s why I struggle with linear corridor popcorn games like COD, Uncharted, modern Tomb Raider etc. and also why I can’t play any souls games.

So hell yes. I save as often as possible. And you can do one if you don’t like it.

(In a A massive twist of irony, I grew up playing games with no ability to save so I assume this is an age thing. I don’t have time to replay sections of games anymore. My gaming time is at an absolute premium)


I usually save scum for old games, because I simply don't have months or years on hand to spend on a single game like I did in my childhood. I do however tend to use save points mostly at occasions when the game legit allows you to save also, because especially with emulation it's easier and faster to load a savepoint than to use the ingame save/load feature. Like, I am playing through Ocarina of Time on the Switch right now, and when i stop playing, I will put a savepoint there so I can continue right from where I left off. There's no need for me to load the game save file ingame just to be dropped back to Kokiri forest and walk all the way back to Death Mountain just to continue with my adventure from there, is there?

On the other hand, when I finished Star Fox Adventures on Gamecube, I beat like the last third of the game in a long session of 4-5 hours without saving once. I simply forgot about it. And since the game does not autosave, not even after the credits roll, when I loaded up my gamefile again, I was like all the way back and it sucked. At least I had recorded that session with a capture card... but left that recording on an external HDD for 5+ years, after which the data had been corrupted and could not be restored ever again. So, there's no tangible evidence that I ever finished the game.

But I did.
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Save scumming is such a stupid term and Im pretty sure everyone who say they dont, do in fact "save scum". Generally in games with important choices that are not actually A B where B is idiotic and just hidden under some bs text, I stand by my choice and Im sure most gamers do. If someone picks another choice its most likely to see what would happen otherwise, to check if the game has real consequences or just idiotic choices with the latter being more common.

Then there is save scumming when playing stealth games like Dishonored or Hitman which again, it's absolutely fine if you want to do the game perfectly stealth/non-lethal/etc.. If anyone makes fun of you for reloading because some dumb shit glicthy AI found you or a non-lethal body somehow dies(was very common in Deus Ex games) then you can safely call that person an idiot.

So to sum up, "save scumming" isnt actually scumming, it's just a dumb term invented by fake elitists who most likely use the save option often as well. Hell, even if you want to save and reload when you fail in RNG games, go ahead my dude, who cares as long as you enjoy the game. Wasteland 2 had such a shitty rng I doubt anyone didnt save and reload when u failed to open literally every safe in the game even with a lot of skillpoints.


I do it on Valkyria Chronicles 4 on the switch, because it can takes ages to wait for the AI to take their turn on the later missions. Add in the occasional mid-battle cut scene or tutorial and you bet your ass I’m saving before each turn!

(Well, not each turn, but certainly a couple of times each battle and definitely after a cut scene/tutorial).


Not usually but there are games where I do
Witcher 2 for example - I don't do it then I die once and have to go back through 30 minutes of gameplay to get where I was.. then I start doing it.


Save scumming is often just respecting your time. If you want to redo an unspecified number of minutes of gameplay any time something doesn't work out, then good for you.

That said, I don't feel the need to do it often. If it's an open world game and I'm about to do something where there's a good chance of me dying then I'll save, but I usually let auto-save do its thing. For games without, I'll save whenever I get a feeling of "I could lose this progress".


I've started to save scum when a game doesn't allow me to backtrack. So I'm exploring an area then it goes into some cutscene that doesn't allow me back through a door the character just chose to close in a cutscene.

Talking of which, TLOU2 had some strange problem where I saved and stopped playing in seattle and when I returned to the game it was as if hadn't visted Barkos and collected the loot even though it was marked off the map. I only noticed it because I was missing a handgun holster. I went back and looted it again but instead of a handgun holster it gave me a rifle shoulder strap. Anybody know what's up with that?
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You cant even save scum that much in games anymore anyway, even on PC.
Thats one of the annoying things about modern gaming for me, that lack of the ability to save your game when you want.


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If the game has auto save, then I don't save manually except if prompted at the end of a major chapter/level/etc.

I sometimes save before big/final boss battles, but that's just in case I can't go back to free-roam after the boss (a lot of modern games give you a big "THERE'S NO GOING BACK" warning in those cases.)
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