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Are you expecting a mid gen refresh this gen?

Are you expecting a mid gen refresh?

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It really depends on how long this generation is. I could see them releasing a "Pro" version when you would expect a PS6 . Not anytime soon though.

I think this generation is going to be a very long one. You could argue that the current generation hasn't even really started yet.

The Pro console is the answer for people complaining about 30 fps.
We are two years into this gen, people are still trying to get a xbox series x and a PlayStation 5,but the manufacturers can't keep up thanks to COVID, and possible in the foreseeable future because of the Ukrainian war.

Previous generation already had a little low end hardware, especially Xbox One that was axed a lot in favor of the focus of Kinect they later ditched.

Current generation are much more powerful at release compared to last generation, and we are still seeing cross gen games thanks to the lack of current gen users.

Do you personally expect a PS4 pro/xbox one x update like the last generation, or cost efficient consoles like the new ps5 revamp, or both?
Same as I did with the Xbox One, stuck with it for 7 years despite the mid-refreshes, until the Series X becomes totally incompatible then I plan sticking with that for the next 7 too unless it is absolutely necessary to get the next model...hell I am even thinking about getting a Wii for the first time ever just go back to some Gamecube classics! (Which the Switch won't ever get...well certainly not anytime soon)
Very sad the Wii U never got GameCube compatibility 1080p GameCube games would be awesome
That's a bold statement to make when it's still hard to get consoles.

Reading stuff like this makes me amd other people want to wait a little longer to buy a console. Would hate to see a new version close to a purchase.

This can hinder sales because people don't know what to expect.
I literally told everyone on this forum by late 2024 it will be out but I got disagreement. I don’t own either console (cause my halo series x got cancelled and I wanted a ps5 in non white) but I’m certainly not complaining about news like this

SF Kosmo

...please disperse...
Yes but also expecting a very long gen like the seventh gen so mid gen might not be until like 2024 or so.


Nothing wrong with giving gamers more options. If the market is there then lets see some balls to the wall systems.
Maybe but judging by Plague's Tale and Gotham Knights, what kind of PS5 Pro (CPU/GPU) would that need and what would it cost to make those games run at 60?
If they release in 2024 like we are expecting they can jump to the same mid-high range rdna 4 and zen 5 (or even better zen 5 3d which would be absolutely perfect for consoles) like how the regular ones are based on mid-high end rdna 2 and zen 2


Very sad the Wii U never got GameCube compatibility 1080p GameCube games would be awesome
Well there you go, they are like Sony who don't give a dam about their legacy....otherwise imagine what a Motorstorm would look like upscaled for the PS5....
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