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Are you people into Forged in fire?

Elektro Demon

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I recently discovered this tv show called forged in fire. I don't really watch tv so I only discovered it now. I watched one episode and I was fucking hooked. So I managed to procure myself all episodes and now I'm devouring it everyday.
Best tv show ever.
Basically, it's a show about forging weapons. Blades, swords, maces etc. That sort of stuff. It's so god damn entertaining to watch. I didn't even know about steel hardening. If you make a sword out of steel it'll not be hard enough and will likely break. But if your sword is properly quenched in oil, then it'll be hardened. But anyway, what's also awesome about this show is the tests performed. They test the swords participants made by cutting pig carcasses and stuff. Honestly, very entertaining.Any gaffer into this show?



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My daughter loves this show. I've watched a few episodes, seems alright.


It's pretty interesting. I have seen quite a few episodes dubbed in my language. This, Pawn Stars, Storage Wars and Ancient Aliens are the only things coming on History TV 24*7.


A casual watcher for years, I don’t watch every show but I do when I’m home and watching TV.
Like you I don’t really watch much TV besides news and some sports and never watch regular TV shows for the past 10 years or so.
History channel is very underated


Thanks for making the OP, I know most of history channels programming is fake shit but Forged in Fire is really good. The skill and artistry on display is amazing.

My fave episodes that I show family and friends if we're bored and want to watch something quick are the 2 claymore episodes.
The first one where both finale weapons fail miserably, one bending and one breaking.
Then the second episode where Ben (one of the regular judges post this episode ) makes one and it cuts thru the hog like butter, amazing and terrifying.
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