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Ariel cast in live action Little Mermaid Movie


Manbaby: The Member
Jan 12, 2009
When Disney changes Ariel’s race to pander to identity ideologues: “LOL shut up you bunch of whiny manchildren”

When a white girl wears a kimono to prom: “CULTURAL APPROPRIATION REEEEE”
The correct term is whinebabies.

You could at least get that right.
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Apr 23, 2018
Got her confused for another chick. My bad. She's a British actress. This chick and the porn chick look nothing alike other than being light skinned (and this girl looks more black than the porn chick)...

I've been stressed this week something bad. Just a lot going on with family and friends.


Barlog's Bestie
Jan 9, 2018
Chill out with the personal attacks.
Got her confused for another chick. My bad. She's a British actress. This chick and the porn chick look nothing alike other than being light skinned (and this girl looks more black than the porn chick)...

I've been stressed this week something bad. Just a lot going on with family and friends.
Oh they look so distinct from each other that you got them confused huh?

This one looks black enough for you huh? You’ll allow her to have that hairstyle huh?

Whatcha got going on with your family and friends? Y’all busy marginalizing POC whose particular ancestry doesn’t line up with your acceptable definition of blackness?

You make me want to puke, bigot.
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Jun 17, 2011
I literally had no idea this movie was a thing until this "controversy" started. Stepping back I bet their marketing department made the casting call because they knew they'd get free PR.
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Jun 14, 2019
They should just hand it over to Japan and let them try again in anime form.
I actually watched this a long time ago, way before the Disney film. It was true to the original fairy tale's tragic ending and I was disappointed that Disney didn't have the balls to follow suit.


Dec 9, 2013
It's a remake ... A live action remake.

She's established in the toons ... Not live action.

And they kept true to the other live action remakes (mostly... Only partly for Jasmine in Aladdin) as far as race goes... Though Emma Watson was miscast, IMO, for Beauty and the Beast. One black girl and the internet loses their minds. :messenger_tears_of_joy:

Edit: I guess if they made a new mermaid that didn't follow the original story or even if it DID follow the original story, you lot would be complaining about it anyway.
For me it doesn't matter if it's a cartoon or not. We're still talking about a character who had the same appearance characteristics for many years before someone decided to change that. Plus it's actually easier to introduce new cartoon characters without having to worry too much about their background and explaining where they're from.
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Feb 11, 2019
Limerick, Ireland
Like.. it's gonna be terrible anyway so why wasting your energy.

Disney blatantly did this for so people would chat about it.

I'm looking forward to the same thing happening with James Bond when the Box Office starts dwindling on the movies.
Dec 15, 2011
I honestly can't believe how upset people are over a cartoon mermaid. I knew there would be some negative reactions from some people, but this is just silly lol
Oh look. An expression of disbelief leading to a mocking dismissal.

Don't worry, we all know how sincere your engagement is and that you're in no way a hypocrite when you try to demand others give a damn about your own histrionics.

Using my phone at the moment. Will update shortly with a NI quote about the importance of race in a casting decision in a Harry Potter movie.

EDIT: Here we go:
Choosing to respond to criticism about a lack of diversity in your movies and responding by making the villain the diverse character just looks bad given the context. There is a long history of making minorities the villains in films and its something that alot of people are tired of seeing. They want minority actors in major starring roles not just as side characters or villains.
This example is actually more contrite than the focus of this thread - because the objection was to the casting of a certain race in a role of a villain, not just about casting and race in general.

Odd how there's no hint of the derisive, dismissive mockery in that statement?

As we see time and time again, especially in this thread, those that can't argue with substance and honesty just seek to shutdown and dismiss other people.
Yet they will scream blue murder should the roles be reversed.
This is hypocrisy. This is double-standards. This is demanding preference above equality.

Such people are not interested in the bigger picture or anything the is ethically beneficial to everyone.
The simply want their own way. Like a child demanding attention.

The best part is watching people pretend they care about the little mermaid. They really believe it too ><
For many, as has been pointed out repeatedly, the issue is the hypocrisy, double-standards and disengenous goalpost moving to justify them.

Your post is a fine example of the third item in that list.
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Feb 16, 2018
I think its not so much the fact that they cast a black Girl as Ariel, its more about that Ideas ala "Replace White Character with Diverse Character! Its easy, effortless Virtue Signaling that will bring tons of Money in to boot!"
spring from a Mind that cant write a Story that gets 4 Votes on Fanfiction.com, let alone a Movie Script.
If you have an Diverse Casting, everything else becomes low Priority, your gonna have tons of ethnic groups roll into your Theater anyway, why bother with Plot or good Writing ?
So yeah, Ariel is black ?
Who cares.
But again, its an strong indicator this Movie is gonna be a poorly written Shitfest.
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Formerly 'CaptainFalcon64'
Jan 9, 2018
Enough with using the human race. It's time to use gray/green aliens using cgi for these Disney classics.

I'm sure they would wanna visit the planet after we virtue signal them to come here!

On second thought maybe not...
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Gold Member
May 22, 2018
False equivalencies don't do anyone any good. Scarlett Johanson being cast as an asian character in an asian series is not the same as a person of color being cast as an imaginary mermaid. Ariel can be any race or ethnicity and it still wouldnt matter in terms of her overall story. Her being white, black, or asian would have literally no effect on the story that is being told. You all are making a fuss over nothing. If you dont like the decision then dont watch the movie. The movie wasnt even directed at you in the first place. Its a kids movie aimed at mainly young girls and yet we have 14 pages of people acting as if Disney personally dropkicked their grandmothers. Its absurd.
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Jan 14, 2018
According to Disney, we are racist because we criticize the girl who will play the role of ariel?

Not so good response from Disney.

Why they have to do this?, the same happened with Ciri from The Witcher