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Ark 2 Reportedly A Timed Xbox Exclusive and Will Come To PlayStation & Switch


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A YouTuber by the name of GP has reportedly spoken to the CEO of Studio Wildcard, Doug Kennedy, who reaffirmed Ark 2 fans that the game would only be a timed Xbox exclusive. Although this was previously revealed by Microsoft themselves following Ark 2‘s announcement, it now seems as though we could have confirmation from Doug Kennedy that Ark 2 will be coming to PlayStation and Nintendo Switch at a later date.

In his statement to GP, Doug Kennedy said “I’ll say this, it is always our plan to make Ark & Ark II available on as many platforms as possible for as many people possible so, at some point you can expect Switch and PlayStation in that mix”.

It’s worth noting that we have no way of confirming if this is truly the real Doug Kennedy from Studio Wildcard, as the screenshots displayed in the video could have easily been faked. So, we recommend you take this news with a pinch of salt for the time being.



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Switch eh?
I'll defend 520p 30 with drops switch ports, thats not what this is going to be though, given I'm sure this will run poorly on xbone and ps4 I could see this being like 360p at 15 fps with drops
Isn't it a lot bigger on PC than console though?

Currently squeezed between Overwatch and Dead by Daylight on XBL...so there's definitely a decent playerbase on console.

I also think they're expecting Ark II to be bigger + better than the first Ark. These are definitely the types of games that are going to blow up over the next 2 - 3 years. It makes sense that XBox wants that exclusivity.


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Ark has the luxury of being one of the worst ports on Switch imaginable by quite a long stretch. Why would Wildcard port the sequel over, especially when it has Vin Diesel on it?

Hell, if i were Vin, i would port the Chronicles of Riddick to Switch/PS4/XBO/PS5/XSX because that game is still baller.
Is this timed exclusive on PC too via EGS, or is it on Steam as well? A lot of Steam players would be pissed if that was the case, in the millions actually as it's huge there.


Blows my mind just how popular Ark 1 is Xbox still. People love that game.

I gave the Series X console version a try and it still runs like ass. Not sure how anyone can tolerate playing these on console.

Also Switch lol good fucking luck


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Anybody hyped for this?

I tried to get into the first one...but I just couldn't get into it. Mind you, I played Atlas and loved it...WEird huh?


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Serious question did they ever fix the original? I remember throwing in the towel back when they statyed selling DLC for there still in early access game.

All I can remember is even top of the end hardware back then could barely run it, I got more frames on Crysis at launch than Ark.
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