ARMS launches June 16

Full Video Presentation

2v2 Mode Announced
Mix and Match Weapons
Elemental Type System
New Character: Min Min

For 2v2 it definitely looks like it's using a "target switch" button to change opponent lock-on, plus it looks like there's items as well as there was an area-based team healing drop at the end of the gif. That wire between the two characters is probably just identifying your team mate and relative position.

EDIT: That healing item might be for everyone vs activating it for your own team and you have to push the opponent out of the healing zone.

Unannounced Characters Spotted:

Did anyone do the profiles of the characters from the Japanese site?

If not:

Spring Man
Belongs To: Spring Gym
Age: 20
Height: 182cm
Weight: 76kg
Likes: Weight training, pizza (can finish 12 in one go)

Ribbon Girl
Belongs To: Ribbon Label
Age: 17
Height: 169cm
Weight: Only as much as her fans think!
Likes: Singing, all her fans!

Belongs To: Rasen Ninja University
Age: 21
Height: 179cm
Weight: 68kg
Likes: Hiding, reading

Master Mummy
Belongs To: Mummy Hospital
Age: ??
Height: 231cm
Weight: 167kg
Likes: His family (location unknown)

Min Min
Belongs To: Noodle Dining Hall
Age: 18
Height: 167cm
Weight: On a diet
Likes: Ramen made by her mother

Belongs To: Scrap Yard
Age: 15
Height: 234cm (Outside suit: 158cm)
Weight: 545kg (Outside suit: 45kg)
Likes: ARMS fighters (especially Ribbon Girl)


Ask me about the moon landing or the temperature at which jet fuel burns. You may be surprised at what you learn.
I called it releasing after E3. No way it was gonna release in May, too close to MK8D.
I know I said this before when this game was first revealed, but I continue to believe this game is the real fucking deal. It's going to be lauded and reminds me of the first Smash Bros.


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I like the yellow joycon. Surprised about the battery pack. Thought the current battery life were solid. I wonder how much it changes the ergonomics.
I was one of the people who did not see 2v2 when the game was announced.

So I'm eating crow on that.

I thought the camera and movement wouldn't allow for it. But here it is. Although it does loko a tad hectic, but fun. That purple stage too.
So, considering that you need to move the Joy-cons with your arms as if you were boxing, if ARMS becomes an eSports game, this game will become the first eSport game where you are doing some sport while playing, haha.
Anyone who was expecting a May release date is just silly. It was obviously not going to make it considering they're releasing Mario Kart in late April. That is meant to be the May title because ARMS couldn't be done in time for it.


Ask me about the moon landing or the temperature at which jet fuel burns. You may be surprised at what you learn.
If they use any time at E3 for ARMS, they've already fucked up. E3 should be for games in the future, not those imminently releasing.
They fucked up by promoting it at the biggest annual gaming event days before it launches?