ARMS |OT| (’-‘)-------------


Nice OT.
It's not midnight yet in Japan, but just like the other first party Nintendo titles, the download version has been released at 11pm, so you can play it.
The E3 invitational tournament is what finally sold me on the game. Seeing the game played at a decently high level showed off a little more of the depth and tactics. I hated the brawl modes of the test arms, and 1v1 is clearly where this game shines.

Definitely picking this up.
Amazon shipped my copy of Arms!

Guys, please add me. I'll be there playing day 1!

It appears the best/only way to make the dream come true of a gaf lobby, is with Friends.


Can't wait to have my own lobby. 1 v 1 only, no items, no time limit - or any other sort of combination. And have upwards of 10 gaffers in there.

See you there online on launch ;)

Thank you!
I will pick this up out of support for Nintendo and their new IP. I am not super optimistic that I will play it a whole lot as I'm not huge into fighters, but it should be good for a few matches when I have friends over.