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Kept saying I wouldn't pay full price for this game during the Testpunch, but after the testing period came to an end, I started craving more and came to the realization that I had actually enjoyed the game more than I thought. (in other words, I was just salty)

Probably won't get the game until Monday, though. No mail on weekends here, and I'm too stingy to pay for express shipping. Still excited, though! Looking forward to trying our Byte & Barq, as well as the arms that weren't available in the TP.
lol, cute thread title. I'm getting my copy tomorrow through Amazon, but I'm actually leaving to go to my gf's place a few hours away after I finish work. Really hope it'll have arrived by that time so I can just swing by my house and grab it so we can play together. Fingers crossed!
So odd that the official control options manual art doens't note the superior trigger punching option for the pro controller/JoyCon grip. Way better than using the buttons.

I'm skipping for now though, had fun with the testpunch, but Tekken 7, Injustice 2 and my new Tekken 7 fight stick have me busy for the time being.
I'm loving this game so far, but damn I HATE the target shooting in the single player campaign! It's so hard to beat the cpu even in low levels.
Right now I'm experimenting with every character. I would like to main Byte and Barq and so far they feel good to play with, but Spring Man with normal punches is still my best solution for everything. Ribbon Girl has that fantastic instant drop but I'm doing baby steps regarding any strategy. I'm also trying to unlock basic hands for Min Min because I love her abilty to kick punches.
Best stage is the Kid Cobra one.
So excited for this. Adored the test punch. Any idea when it will be up on the NA eShop? Hoping to play it at midnight but I see that as doubtful.

Great OT!
OP has been patched up and should be viewable as intended now, thanks to the very dedicated Niwa and donkey show.

So excited for this. Adored the test punch. Any idea when it will be up on the NA eShop? Hoping to play it at midnight but I see that as doubtful.

Great OT!
First party releases go up at midnight EDT!
You can slide underneath attacks? Didn't know that. Do you prefer the motion controls over the classic method?
Helix and Snekman can duck under stuff. Kid Cobra's can only be done with a charged forward dash and you can do it multiple times without delay.

And I prefer motion controls because it feels great to me, but can use normal just fine as well. I mentioned awhile back I felt that you have more "control" over your character with normal controls, but you have more nuance in punching with motion controls (for better or worse). Although I think that's just a matter of building that muscle memory and you too can attempt to reach the heights of Mr. Yabuki-sensei.
Yeah, region free is a godsend. Always get games a day in advance, and you get a discount from Amazon Japan. Since we don't have any Amazon Prime or such in Sweden that's as cheap as it gets to me.
Same here, the main reason I use Japanese eShop is to get access to the JP only titles. Although I know Japanese, it is always good to see mutlu language support
Thats awesome man , i can only understand a little but not much

Moving on to ARMS topic

i wasn't even buying this game when it was revealed ,
but things changed after i tried the online demo and i kinda of liked the character design and lastly , i think its good to support the new generation of internal nintendo developers
( i bought splatoon on wiiu too )
So glad to see that for the OT title, we went with the punch line.

In the Testpunch thread there was some interest in playing with non-motion controls with split Joy-Cons without the grip (and some dispute about how to make it work). I think that deserves an FAQ entry in its own right.

From what I tested, the game switches between motion and non-motion strictly based on the orientation of the Joy-Cons (vertical for thumbs-up/motion, horizontal and pointing forward for non-motion). Contrary to what some people believed, the grip attachment has nothing to do with it. You can switch mid-match on the fly, but there is enough of a delay before the game recognizes this that it's totally impractical to do so.

However, it would be good to have hard, well-tested corroboration of how this works before it goes in the FAQ—don't just take my word for it. Just noting that there was considerable interest in this.

On a more basic level, many first-time motion players had trouble at the start from misunderstanding the thumbs-up grip: specifically, that you hold the Joy-Cons with the buttons facing inwards, and the SL/SR rails pointing forwards. This could also use a note in the OT.
Playing now trying out Byte and Barq not doing so well at the moment lol. Motion controls are so fun though. Feels like I am at an arcade or something.