ARMS |OT| (’-‘)-------------

I think I'm going digital with this one. Very small size and midnight release worldwide (right?). I'm also thinking about selling my physical copies (MK8, Zelda,etc) and buying the digital versions. I hate switching games, lol. Especially MP games.

I bought my first Nintendo Console in almost 20 years on Sunday and I have bought more accessories/controllers for my Switch than my last 20 years of gaming combined I think.

Now I am broke.

Glass Protector for Switch
Pro Controller
Yellow Joy-Cons
Switch Carrying Case
Joy-Con Charger
Joy-Con Grips x2
Another AC Adapter
Somebody tell me what that snake dude's gimmick is again?
When his arms are charged, he can ground dash until the charge wears off. This let's him go under punches and makes him the fastest character in the game by a pretty wide margin. He's pretty slow without the charge, but he does have the fastest jump movement even without it.
So, what's everybody's plan for the early days? Straight into online play, or farming up some gloves? I know my intention is to clear Grand Prix 4 or higher with every character before I jump into Ranked, so I know I qualify with all of them, not unlike 3-starring all cups in Mario Kart and amassing unlocks along the way. I dread doing this with Helix, though, as his default set is so unorthodox and I didn't get a good handle on him in the Testpunch.


Mine is pretty and pink
So was the sky arena showed in the tournament yesterday part of the first update because at the moment it's only for the singleplayer, right?
So wait, are the human arms fighters... human? Are they cyborgs, or do they just have their arms temporarily removed for the fights?

Barring Mechanica and Twintelle who seem to have their real arms.
Whaaaaaaat the helllll, I only seleccted difficulty 3 but my Ribbon Girl can't even beat Min Min in the 2nd fight!

I was able to beat lvl 5 Hedlok a number of times in the demo, I wasn't expecting this difficulty!