As long as Sony, metacritic, game reviewers and Nintendo exist, gamepass wont have a filler games.

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Why didn't you just make this point in the gamepass filler thread you've been posting in? Doesn't need a separate thread

As long as those that I mentioned exist, MS won't be making filler games, to fill gamepass.

I understand there are tribes, and console tribes. But these things makes no sense for a company which come out of Xbox one. They have yet to make a single game, which matches quality like Ghost of Tsushima, spiderman, and the last of us 2.
MS want to produce games like that. And they won't be able to produce it, if you think they want to fill out gamepass with filler games. That would make them lose ground more, since gamers won't even bother playing those filler games. Their goal now is to produce those games, not fill out gamepass with filler games at super fast rate.

I hope people use common sense for once, instead of arguing with bad faith.

If you have major concern, it should be directed to games that don't sell very well. These are the games, which might pose a risk for gamepass and MS. MS wants games on their service. Publishers that have new games, which doesn't meet the sales expectations, might to go to MS and offer them their games. We saw Square games with Avengers and now with GOTG. While GOTG was good, avengers wasn't. That is my fear of filler games. Because Lazy devs/publishers would put their below expectation games on gamepass, instead of actually working on a good game. That is something that needs some serious attention.

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So Netflix can't produce good movies every now and then, cause there is too much shit content. I see


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It's like you couldn’t sleep and were mulling over this in bed, and you needed to write it off lol.

To me that sounds like someone is concerned.
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We have always had 99% of filler even before GamePass. It’s up to devs to ascend into the golden one percent for glory and fame with AAA game delivery.
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I think the industry is in a strange place across the board. I don’t think MS are going to change their plans of anything they have had in the short term. It will probably take 10 or more years to see a significant ship in game quality to a game pass model. We have MS announcing games like avowed in the same conference that they announce grounded. It’s jutst how MS has always been. They have single player campaigns and they have Xbox live games.

Sony is adapting by steering the conversation around Gaas and how they plan to have 10 GAAS games out ASAP, so everyone is adapting and it’s got little to do with game pass, unless those Gaas games are for Sonys version of it and then yeah, maybe business are thinking they need to explore other ways of how the business works.


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