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Ashfall - Official World Premiere Trailer


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Ashfall is a shooter MMORPG from Legendary Star Studio.

After a devastating nuclear attack from an AI gone rogue strikes humanity, nothing is left of the world but ruin and desolation.

Your mission is to explore the post-apocalyptic wasteland, and search for the legendary key known as the Core of Creation to save the world. It won't be easy- you’ll have to deal with mutated enemies, an unpredictable weather system, and the dangerous remnants of the rogue AI… all of this, set to a soundtrack scored by iconic film and video game composers, Steve Mazzaro, and Inon Zur.

Ashfall is coming to PC and Mobile in 2023.

Presented by Legendary Star Studio.


Holy hell I thought this was the same Ashfall being developed by Garvin and Mumbauer (ex Playstation).

Jesus, please don't scare me like that ever again!
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