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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Debut Trailer [Update: Leaked Screenshots In OP]


Really not sure what's left for Monday, but posted by GamesRadar


No actual game play

In case it goes down

Here, just in case the video gets pulled (I assumed it was accidently made public early?):


Imgur is down so uploaded onto Minus:



I remain unimpressed. This game better shake up the fucking franchise and it's gameplay completely this time.
I'm conflicted, on one hand I'm tired of Assassin's Creed but on the other hand I really want to support the notion of more open world pirate games. What to do?
I'll be there day one.


Not gonna lie - that got me hyped. Way more excited for this than I was for AC3.

Can't fucking WAIT to explore the West Indies. Potential for far superior environments to the piece of shit cities in AC3. Only appealing environments in that game were the treasure-finding areas and the Frontier.


WEll I'm excited.

I was just asking for an honest pirating game a few weeks ago, and now I get it.

this i the perfect franchise to explore it too. Really hope they push the gameplay forward a bit more.

Rygar 8 Bit

Jaguar 64-bit
well on the plus side the ship missions were the best thing about 3 so if they focus completely on that and add even more to it could be really great

Data West

coaches in the WNBA
The only thing that interests me is the rumored Splinter Cell style co-op.

and that next gen versions might not run like ass


Snooze....franchise fatigue is going to seriously hamper this industry in the long run. End it altogether or completely revitalise it. Just seems to be the same thing in a new setting, with a few new additions, akin to every other franchise sequel at the mo. Is this game at least going to be next gen? Next gen visuals might help it's case somewhat.


I'm... I'm kind of excited for this.

I still want this series to go back to the drawing board, what with the bloat and the awful combat, but I'd do a lot for an open world pirate game. (Risen 2 was disappointing)


Awesome CGI trailer, but I much prefer gameplay videos.

I'm assuming this was leaked a bit early or something? Or did they actually demonstrate gameplay at the event last week?
Wow that was great cgi. Wonder if the ps4/720 versions will just be the ps360 game with better image quality.

not buying if the platforming/free running is automatic though.

new main guy looks cooler than conner. is this the first assassin without black hair? I guess he's technically related to desmond.


Henry Rollins is probably not happy about the title of this game bit damn this trailer looks amazing.

I am not fond of AC games but the trailers are legendary - and this one is amazing.


I want to know how they get into this character after the way they ended the last one.

I don't. I want them to just start and end the game in this historical period without the usual and horrendous modern day Animus crap.

AC will have a stronger future for it.


And of course is the first reveal trailer CGI. I'm telling you, Ubisoft is more standardized than McDonalds

I remain unimpressed. This game better shake up the fucking franchise and it's gameplay completely this time.
The development of this game most likely began before AC3 was even released. So I don't expect it to address any of AC3's issues.

nick nacc

Jesus, didn't AC3 just come out and now they are flogging this already? God damn conveyor belt games.

Maybe they realize 3 was so shitty they better move on.... I mean assassins creed 2 had 2 sub games added to it, brotherhood and revelations. I guess they're donzo
wow only took a year for a full numbered SQL to be developed. There is no chance this will fix the problems in this franchise.
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