Assassin's Creed Origins October Previews

Crossing Eden

Hello, my name is Yves Guillemot, Vivendi S.A.'s Employee of the Month!
This build confirms that they brought back the ability to pet animals

EDIT:The Eurogamer video said that animals behave in unexpected ways like how hippos are hella aggressive....that's not unexpected, that's exactly how hippos are. Hippos are dangerous jerks.

lol, now they are calling AC: Origins an "RPG".
Oh god....
They've been calling AC:O an action RPG since the day it was announced.
I watched the EuroGamer video.... This looks incredible.

It looks like they are really on track here. Can't wait to check out all the little things. Love the bird and cat petting - too often small things that give personality are left out in big open world games.
It is time they show some footage of the Original PS4/Xbone version.

As much as I understand their marketing ploy with Microsoft to promote the Xbox One X, their biggest fanbase is on the PS4 and Xbone.
Lol they added petting back! Of course they did. Some interviewer embarrassed Ashraf in an early preview saying " such a shame you can't interact with animals when you could in previews games " and Ashraf seemed upset by this remark.
GamesRadar confirmed that they are quests that depend on specific time of the day. That is nice. Also game has two difficulty levels Easy and Normal that you can change whenever you want.
Okay. Consider me hyped.

This looks wonderful. I really like the use of the torch in the Eurogamer video... dropping it on the floor to light your arrow heads over the flame.


Ask me about the moon landing or the temperature at which jet fuel burns. You may be surprised at what you learn.
I feel the game is emptier each time I see a new video... They try to give it an epic look, but I really feel empty to me.

I will buy it since I loved AC 1, AC 2, Brotherhood, Revelation, Black Flag and Rogue, and I hope they wont disappoint me with the plot since it's the creation of the brotherhood, but I really am afraid Ubi will fail with this AC.

Looking forward to get the game in my hands still!
Want to go as blind as possible so not watching footage or reading previews. Assassins Creed is a gaming tradition for me. But it seems its shaping up to be a good game.