Assassin's Creed: Origins protagonist Ba Yek confirmed via GameStop t-shirt

Feb 18, 2013
Lakeland FL
lol how do these leaks come from GameStop of all places. So dumb.
Because the publishers/developers want product in stores on the day they announce stuff, meaning it has to be shipped to the store prior, but most of the employees are either too scatterbrained to hold the unannounced marketing/products, don't care because the job is terrible, or are a combination of both.
I was in the second category for a while.

I'd be more amazed if GameStop could ever manage to actually not leak something.
Oct 16, 2016
So... is he gonna use the bow to shoot shields? Because I don't see any arrows, lol.

And I hope they'll allow us to unequip our weapons this time, because I don't like it when characters look too bulky during rolls, jumps and climbing.