Assassin's Creed Rogue [First screens]

I am confused. How many Ass Creed games do I have to play this year?

2? 3?

Ass Creed Unity
Ass Creed Rogue

So...two basically? Ubisoft is really a monster studio.
Damn, November 11th? They should have at least pushed it to early 2015, in my opinion.

Regardless, if it ends up being decent I'll probably grab it on a price drop. I can't possibly advocate dropping $120 on two AC games in the span of 2 weeks.


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Se acaban de filtrar las primeras imágenes que confirmarían el rumor de hace unos días. El próximo Assassin's Creed se llamaría Rogue y sera para Xbox 360, PS3 y PC. Los estaremos informando de cualquier novedad.
I hope this isn't a mistake.


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Hopefully there will be a $20 PS4 version mid-2015. I might give that a go
Stoked for this, enjoyed Black Flag and if I am honest I was a bit bummed that Unity got rid of sailing even if it was for obvious reasons. I'll be picking up both for sure.


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They will probably reveal the game next week at either sony or microsoft's gamescom press conference.
oh hey another white dude as the main protagonist
Were there many black ship captains around the time the game is set?

Should they put a black female as the protagonist despite the time period and setting just to please people like yourself?

Seriously getting sick of comments like this, if they want to tell a story about a white dude sailing in the arctic then that is their prerogative, do you whine when the latest Michael Bay film comes out and has a white male lead with a female that is there just to look pretty?