Assassin's Creed Unity Leaker calls out to Neogaf/provides clarification on graphics

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Feb 14, 2014
Today The person who leaked the videos and screenshots yesterday of the PS4 version of Assassin's Creed Unity provided some much needed clarification on the screenshots that he leaked yesterday. With all the fud and hyperbole the person couldn't just sit there and watch. Here's what they had to say.

The images have been around the web. I see them all over again on foreign websites. Just like the video. It's a bit out of control ... and it saddens me a bit...

The problem is that I see people tearing and criticize the game (especially on NeoGAF) and it becomes ridiculous. Some even wonder if the images were retouched. As they quote and translate my posts, I want to say that the images are taken directly from the screenshot function of the PS4 and that function deteriorates - a little - the images ... As I often take screenshots with FRAPS when I am gaming in 4K resolution, I can tell that the screenshot function of the PS4 is not very good.

You have to know that the game is much better/beautiful when moving as shown in the videos. So, yes there are times when it's a bit ugly and others where it is very beautiful. You must understand that Ubisoft had to make a compromise between graphics and falling population density + animations streets and plenty of small details. When you will have your copy of the game and after you take a step back, you will realize that this game is really innovative in its way. I have never seen so many people, so many little animations and when I let the controller and listen to the conversations of the NPC, I can not imagine all the work that there is behind.

Paris is huge, vibrant and deep and it is a success. Perhaps we will be entitled to a day one patch too.

Well yes Ubisoft LIED on screenshots posted and published videos so far and it does not hesitate to criticize them. And the big point is the low quality textures in the distance.

But this game is still beautiful, lively and really fun to play. I know the graphics are important to many people, but please guys... Ubisoft gives us an AC in France, in Paris during the French Revolution, be happy and enjoy the game...

If someone from NeoGAF see my post, thank you to transcribe my remarks to temper some people's reactions - sometimes irrational -. AC Unity is a good game and I think people who already have it, can confirm.

- For the "graphic gamer" : I play very often on a 4K TV 140cm with SLI Titan and yet I find that this an interesting game graphically speaking. It is limited by a 400 euros hardware so we must also take this into account. And frankly this game is an excellent value for money.

Thank you for reading my post.


Thanks to the leaker for providing clarification very quickly.

For comparison to new screenshots and people screaming "extreme downgrade!!1!"

Story trailer

Actual game using ps4 screenshot feature


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Apr 25, 2009
Well yes Ubisoft LIED on screenshots posted and published videos so far and it does not hesitate to criticize them.

Isn't that a rather major point?
Aug 19, 2007
Game absolutely can´t look like the screens in the other thread. Game will be great - as always (if you like AC at all that is).

So i don´t see a deal breaking thing here.

All people who play games because they only like to look at fancy things should wait and see.
Jul 8, 2012
Ubisoft lying with every game release with bullshots and false advertisement needs to stop and that's why I'm not supporting them. Stop pissing all over us and telling us it's raining.

Will get it used though :p
Mar 26, 2013
You must understand that Ubisoft had to make a compromise between graphics and falling population density + animations streets and plenty of small details
So even this guy thinks the game is not that pretty.
Jul 1, 2013
And once again, no fucking comment on the fps. I don't care how "lively" it looks, I care on how it runs, and no, "buy on pc" is not the miracle cure for everything, cause it costs way more than 400euros to do so. I'm stuck on consoles, on ps4, and I would like some of these leakers to comment on the fps. The game could be the prettiest thing ever but if the fluctuates between 22-30fps all the time, it looks and plays bad.

Until someone clarifies on this, I will wait on a tech analysis. Don't care for game with poor performance. If that isn't the case, than I will get the game with no reservations, 900p or not.
Jun 17, 2013
Lisburn - UK
"Well yes Ubisoft LIED on screenshots posted and published videos so far ..."

Seems like a big deal to me...
I think his point is: Downgrade from original E3 confirmed, but it is STILL beautiful.

I am hopeful more than anything that the ongoing conniptions will show that anti-consumerism will not remain silenced. I think anything negative about Ubi right now is sensationalized but alot of it is justified, once Ubi start listening without treating its consumers like uneducated idiots, "trying" to blind us with science, however illogical then people will happily give them their wallet too.
Jan 4, 2009
Making sure that the clarification that the leaker himself posted is out in the open instead of glossed over in another thread or missed completely because it's on a french forum is pathetic? There's no point in insulting me.
I don't want to thread whine, so I'll leave it to the mods if they think this "clarification" warrants its own thread. I guess it is good to know that we have confirmation on the capture method though.
Dec 30, 2008
They are definitely the most consistent at it though.
Every big publisher is. Even Nintendo does it.

No one said its only a Ubisoft thing but its not just screenshots whit them its videos.
Well they show Videos of PC maxed-out PC versions, most publishers do this.

I don't want to defend it, but people should have realized by now that in most cases Screenshots do not represent the final graphics of the game.... I just don't get it how it can be this big a debate every time.