Assassin's Creed Unity Leaker calls out to Neogaf/provides clarification on graphics


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Aug 2, 2011
But what about Far Cry, Watchdogs and the crew? It's this kind of rehashing that I'm talking about
You call it rehash, they call it branding. To them, it's a signature of their open world games across collaborating studios. I don't see this complaint with the obvious similarities between Rockstar games. Heck, GTA and RDR are almost the same in just about every main structure, and they're great Rockstar open world games that share tech, formula, and signature. Some people say Shadows of Mordor rips off Arkham's free flow combat and map style. Others realize they are both Warner Bros games and SoM team even mentions the term free flow combat.
Feb 26, 2014
Downgraded? lol no, not everyone is like Ubisoft. GZ already runs with rock solid 60FPS and both the afghanistan and jungle demo did too so nice try.

Yes lazy, that's just how i see it. Imo a company this big could do much much more but hey the asscreed series sells like gangbusters anyway so why even bother. And as long as there are people like you and Crossing Eden who defend their bullshit they will never change.

Open your eyes.
Neogaf: Software Development Experts

Jesus, get over yourself. You sound like an angsty 15 year old.
Jan 26, 2011
I was on about the quality of the capture,
in-game by me and it's compressed.

Those shoots IQ are almost as bad as SC:Blacklist on PS3 or even AC2 on PS3, it looks 720p or lower and it's definitely has some crazy filter and upscaling on it, even at 900p it shouldn't look like that.
Holy.. mother of god!

That's the most beautiful character model i've ever seen captured like that.

I've played it on PS3 mind you.

Maybe it's time i picked it up on PS4.

Ontopic, though...

There is no doubt in my mind that AC unity was downgraded. You could see the downgrade going from trailer to trailer on their channel on youtube.

The real question is why did they downgrade?

Many developers showing off an engine for the first time will have many assets turned off... like the heavy AI and all gameplay mechanics. That's why the first reveal of the citiyscape and buildings video was so detailed

keep in mind that was also on PC with all settings turned to max.

There are some gameplay footage downgrades that i could clearly see, though. Those were a bit surprising to me.

I think they decided to cram up the population and AI to a point where they had to make compromises, but it's still baffling to me the amount of detail they removed from the textures.

They compromised too much in my opinion.

Whether it was to match the Xbox one version to the PS4, i still think they lost way too much detail on characters and npcs.

But... with all that said.. It still looks miles ahead of Black Flag. And i'm happy for that.

Still, hell of a disappointed they decided to lose the naval gameplay, which i thought was the best part of Black flag.
Feb 13, 2005
No you can't, because that's confirmation bias.
Holy shit do you just spend all of your waking hours making excuses for Ubisoft? This is fucking pathetic.

Being skeptical of Ubisoft marketing footage is now confirmation bias? Do you know what that term means?

When a company like Ubisoft has misled the consumer on as many games as they have its not paranoia or confirmation bias, it's false advertisement. And people should be skeptical on every future title they market.
Jul 1, 2014
Oh, now this is ironic because I remember you, OP, before the launch of constantly berated the game and claimed it was downgraded in what seemed like most Infamous:SS articles over at N4G. You even cherry-picked off-screen, heavily compressed, shrunk down shots to try and prove that the downgrade had occurred.

So I'm wondering why you're so hell-bent on this defending this game against claims of it being downgraded, when it clearly has been, when you were more than happy to bash Infamous every chance you got?
Ha Ha This is epic.

Crossing Eden

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Feb 14, 2014
Wow, thank you Lucas and Marcel. Heroes for revealing Eden to be full of it.
Infamous looks better than Unity.
Sleep on that.
They really didn't reveal anything, especially not marcel, who i'm very surprised didn't face any repercussions at all, but ok, believe what you will.
Jan 16, 2014
GAF this has been a glorious weekend of entertainment over all of this.

After going through the screenshots and videos, I can honestly say that I think that the lighting is superb and looks better than just about any game out there and regarding the difference between ACU and black flag, the lighting alone sets it apart. It's night and day difference IMO.

The crowd density and draw distance seems like it's also vastly better in unity than Black flag.

With all that said, I think that Ubi may have put too much priority in those things if the trade off was texture sharpness. It's pretty bad and a huge black eye on an otherwise great looking presentation. I really hope that the PC version can come close to looking like what we were shown at E3 even if it's just in terms of texture sharpness. I know Watchdogs was sort of like this so maybe...I have hope.

If Ubi really bit off more than they could chew with the new consoles and overestimated what they were capable of, you'd think that they could have scaled back certain things like crowd density or something to get some of that texture fidelity back :/

Oh well...

I'll be waiting on the side lines (as usual) on launch week to see how the chips fall before making a buying decision. At this point Far Cry 4 is looking like a much more appealing buy for me honestly but dragon age is also right around the corner. Earn my money Ubi.
Sep 18, 2010
The complaint that I always find weirdest is people claiming that the gameplay in AC hasn't changed. I mean;

I could perhaps understand if you jumped off with Revelations. The core mechanics were starting to get kinda stale there.
All I'm seeing are different settings...

The gameplay is still just push forward to auto-parkour everything. Just because they added the ability to climb some trees doesn't change the gameplay much, you're still just pushing forward as if you were climbing up a building. Combat is still boring and shallow in all of the games.