Assassin's Creed: Unity microtransaction shop wasn't fully live in retail copies

Aug 10, 2010
So someone in the Giantbomb thread said it hadn't been mentioned yet, but the review copies that were sent out actually had all the microtransaction stuff disabled in the game as seen here on today's episode of The Lobby at 1:18:25.

Also from today's giantbomb podcast:

Jeff was talking about it on the podcast and assumed/hoped that stuff was somehow a parody of microtransactions because it wasn't clear if you could actually spend real life money on it in the version they had. I think that says a lot about where we're at with this stuff now. They explicitly said that the microtransaction part of it (which they, again, weren't sure was actually a thing when they recorded the podcast) wasn't in the game.
Edit: Stephen Totilo's clarification:

Jul 26, 2013
Damn today has been Assasin's Creed: Unity day for all the wrong reasons. I haven't drank so much coffee in a while due to all of these thread. Thank you for that Ubisoft.
Jun 18, 2013
That's basically where I'm at with Ubisoft right now. They have been so disgusting for so long now that I don't even want anything to do with them. I've purchased every AC game from them in the past, so I was part of the problem leading to this shit. I encouraged them by accepting their past garbage and now I'm swallowing the crap that they think we're OK with.

No friggin' more. Yes, we're just talking about videogames and it's not like saving the environment, but I can save my money for more important things. Like videogames that aren't released in half finished states with microtransactions pouring out the ass and treasure chests that won't open unless you utilize the goddamn companion app.

Like companies that don't treat us like fucking morons pretending 30fps feels more cinematic. Like companies who don't insult entire fucking groups of gamers because of their pathetic laziness. Like companies which don't fucking spout PR vomit to appease their fucking marketing partners. Like companies which don't think gamers are so fucking pathetic that they'll believe any spewing ass diarrhea coming our way so we can play their shitty, buggy, barely functional repetitious grindwheel open world titles. Like companies that don't utilize grotesque DRM until the outcry forces them to change only to replace it with more DRM trash meant to squeeze more bucks out of consumers. Like companies who don't think they can fucking buy the media's silence with their threats or try to force unseemly day 1 embargoes so that consumers don't know what the hell they're getting. Where they now bathe in endless microtransaction nickle-and-diming in every fucking game they make.


No, enough is ENOUGH Ubisoft. You're a piece of shit publisher with no value in the community. You have taken advantage of consumers you know enjoy AAA values by misleading them, forcing them to not have complete pictures of products they buy, trying to buy off silence or threaten people into complacency. You fucks don't get another dime from me EVER AGAIN.
Amir0x has a thing to add lol.
Aug 10, 2010
Can we get some more confirmation on this somewhre?

This is taking up the crumminess to a whole new level.
The video off the lobby in the op has a menu with no actual price in it or anything that just says "hack item" that is immediately brought to an error message due to no servers. I wouldn't immediately think it was purchasable dlc off that. I would probably think it had to do with the app or whatever they're pushing.

It doesn't even say $1.99 for gloves of haste or whatever.
Jan 2, 2010
i cant believe this is happening with this company. i feel so bad for the developers that have to take the shit for what the higher ups do.
Apr 1, 2013
They weren't hidden the servers were just not up for reviewers so they couldn't pull the prices or store down in game. Isn't this common practice amongst most games with micro transactions?